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Aug 7, 2006
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Does anybody use this? And how do you find it? I brought the kit alittle while ago and i must say i think it is fantastic and clients are really impressed but i do find it a little tempermental with the polish transfering properly to the stamp. Has anyone else find this?

Im noticing it mainly with the white, which is what most of my clients are after and it gets abit embarressing when you cant get it to work properly.

Also wandering if anyone knows the official website for them?
Yeah i have this kit, a friend of mine brought it back from the states for me, i have only used it a few times on myself, find it quite hard to get consistent images like you say, not quite confident on trying it on clients yet, need lots more practice i think, i think getting just the right amount of varnish on is the key, but im with you on this one, Fatastic but tricky.

Try this site i found i quite helpful and they even do training courses for them,

Training4Beauty | KJT Beauty, Konad Nails and Training

Also nail art konad

Im glad im not the only one. I absolutly love it and it would be such a money maker if you can get the nack of it. Ive used it on friend and family at the moment but im just alway nervous that its not going to come out!

Im wandering if its mu white polish thats the problem coz my other colours work fine!!
I paid £70.00 for mine and gave it away
found it was hard to get the stamp in the coreect place and they didnt at the time have a mirror image for the other hand
not sure if they do now

I think i would rather put flowers under the acrylic/gel etc
they look nice and last

I have one and it did my head in....I haven't used mine in years now. It smudged when i tried to apply the topcoat...and it didn't give a mirror image for the other hand...it decided to stamp on some nails and not others...i just didn't get on with it at all. I stick to Nailtopia now. x
Hi, I got one a few weeks ago, and I like it! although it did smear when I put a top coat on?? but I will try letting it dry a little longer, see if that works??? I was told white paint thickens fast, something to do with the pigments in it??? maybe that is why the white is hard to work with?? I am sure there is an art to it, we just need to find it!:)

Did my head in too with trying to get it 'uniform' on each nail.

Liked the IDEA of it....but sadly i could never get it to perform.

AMb x

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