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Jun 28, 2010
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Can anyone recommend good lash extension training within reach of Bournemouth?
I think the one I did could have been better so don't want to recommend it but have a hair extension trainee who is now ready to branch out into another skill.

Lol...ok so good lash training anywhere reachable from Bournemouth?
Where we are, down here in Bournemouth, there's not too much around. Especially if you want a great reputable brand that clients will recognise.

I had to go to London for mine. You might have to look a bit further afield!
I have trained with THE EYELASH EMPORIUM in Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Berkshire near London.. They have their own products that I and my clients have been very happy with for two years now.
An intense day course, with no 'master training' afterwards.. you get everything on the day, with 5 case studies afterwards that are critiqued before you are cert.ed and lots of help afterwards! You get a discount on your kit on the day. No regrets whatsoever. The trainer is awesome, she knows her stuff. Very competative rates, well worth a call.

Tell us how it went!

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