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Feb 27, 2012
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hampton, Middlesex
Hiya....I've been doing lashes very successfully for 2 years now and recently I had a new client (pregnant) who had a full set. She loved them and booked for infills but just before her infills she had an attack of hayfever and decided to postpone. She said she would return. I texted her today to offer her a tempting discount and she said that since her extensions she had lost alot of her own lashes and the regrowth was a bit higgledy piggledy! I have never experienced anyone saying that it affected their own lashes and can only think that it was something to do with her hayfever and maybe she itched her eyes - pulling her own lashes prematurely? I have also done extensions on pregnant clients and never experienced contraindications. I pride myself in the safety aspect, never sticking eyelashes together, super careful with the separating of lashes and never adhere to baby lashes and those which are not strong enough to accomodate an extension lash. I also ALWAYS leave a 2 mm gap so that the glue can't affect the hair follicles. I was so sorry to hear about her experience and almost felt like I should be saying sorry - but I know it wasn't as a result of my lashes - so why do I feel guilty? Has anyone else had a similar experience and what do you say??? Thoughts please.

P.S. I've attached a pic of the lashes I did today.


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I'm afraid its likely because she's pregnant :) hair growth can change drastically during pregnancy. Some ladies have great growth and luscious hair like never before. Other ladies can loose their hair! The body changes so much and the changes are not the same for every woman.

I would usually advise a client not to have extensions, stating the above reason. However the other reason I would be uncomfortable lashing a pregnant lady would be the small risk of reaction. I know its a small risk and many will think I'm over cautious. However, epinephrine (the major anti-allergy drug) would be used in case of anaphylactic shock and is classed as 'category C' in pregnancy in the States. This means that it has not been tested in pregnant women and animal tests have shown some abnormalities in the laboratory foetus'. It is only recommended during pregnancy when there is a real risk to the mother or baby.

This is just through my own reasearch that I found this info, which is why I have information from the FDA and not a British report. I wouldn't want to quote this info to a client but I feel its important for myself to know the potential risks, however tiny. So I would encourage a client to have other treatments based on the fact that we don't know how her hair growth/lashes will change.

Sorry for the essay :) Air x

I dont do eyelashe extensions yet but if it is in regards to her pregnancy could she have something like Marvelscara?

Just thinking outloud really!

Hi there, I always take pictures of all my clients lashes prior to having any extensions- one reason being after them having lovely thick and full lashes for a period of time if they stop having them they may struggle to remember how sparse their lashes were before the treatment & decide to question the services performed on them.

It sounds like you are very meticulous with your application which I really admire. :)

on them.
Great idea!! Must do this. Thanks x

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