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Feb 7, 2012
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My 17 year old daughter (soon to be 18) is what I would describe as Lazy. Has no aspirations & basically just doesnt seem to stick at anything, and just wants an easy life.

She has completed 1 year in Computing & as that wasnt for her, she opted to do a Level 1 in Hairdressing. Now she is saying she doesnt like hairdressing (whilst in college) and gets all nervous & stressed out & just doesnt feel up to doing the level 2. Now she wants to try her hand at nails...

Do I tell her to keep on with hair or let her go with nails? Thats if she can do a nail course & stick with it & not get bored & stressed too ...

She says she basically freaked out by customers & the level of contact with them. I've told her she'd still need to have customer contact doing nails.

So what do you think she should do ?? Clearly nothing is an option.
Hi, I can see where she is coming from, I did hairdressing when I left school, I quit just before completing my level one. The thought of doing something to someone's hair (because we all know how precious hair can be to someone) and getting it wrong absolutely petrified me. I was fine with colouring but wouldn't cut. Now nearly ten years later I've just qualified as a nail tech. It just feels different from when I did hair, maybe its because I'm older or the fact its more relaxed, I don't know. I know this probably hasn't helped at all lol but she will fall into something eventually. Maybe put her on a day course for nails see how she finds it. X

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Hi I just put up a thread about work experience, I'm a training hairdresser and a qualified extensionist but I think its alwAys better to know more Bout the industry before jumping into it. Someone suggested maybe trying going into a shop with a good reputation and saying I want to train in nails but I want to see more about it before I do and try a day work experience, alternatively go and get her nails done! Sit in a nail salon with a professional and talk whilst she does her nails... She will probably learn what the job includes by being a client or just watching and seeing what they do behind closed doors. I hope this helps :) x
She worked for about 2 days in a Salon around Xmas basically making cups of Tea, Greeting Clients & washing clients hair. She managed it but was all flustered. She was never asked back so I have no idea whether she was totally crap or not...

As for nails I am a Bio Sculpture qualified Nail Technician & have a fairly good client base. I regularly do her nails so she knows the score doing that but since she isnt a driver so she would have to be within a Salon initially (which if your not good or up to speed will be tough going)....
OK, so she doesn't like people or offices etc. so why not try another route and see if you can her some work experience in a pet shop or a sanctuary, animals often bring a different level of enthusiasm because all they really want is love, it can help girls of her age to come out of themselves whilst growing up and dealing with the real world and the experience whether she went on to work with animals or not would be invaluable and she would meet people who have different jobs and may think, "oh I fancy that" I think it would help her gain confidence to find out what she wants to do.

Maybe she could be a dog groomer?

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