Look at my Van Now.....


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Jun 24, 2003
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Brighton, East Sussex
I got the Van signwritten this afternoon - I think she looks the biz :green:

its lovvvvverly :)
it looks great very stylish :)
Very Nice......!
It looks great! I thought about having my car done but didnt know if it was very expensive and didnt know if it would yield much business - i'll be interested to know the score on both counts :D
Lovely job Ive recently had my car done too with my logo and they managed to get the same writing as my logo too so I was well chuffed. It looks great on the side of my little moonstone blue 106. Jazz's it up a bit. Hope you get some calls from it!!!
It looks great :cool: - best of luck with the responses!!

G. xx
Fab job! Maybe I should get a paint job on my greyhound bus (silver volvo estate in case you were wondering!), which would also cover up the myriad of scratches my ex inflicted on it a couple of years ago! Never did manage to get the "bleep........" convicted even when we caught him on our specially rigged up cctv! But hey, life throws me hurdles and I just keep jumping :lol: !

Thanks for the Nails mag, dear Trinity!
looks fab very classy!!! good luck getting lots of calls from it!!
I love the look, very professional, please let us know how many calls you get from it. Must admit i would love to do that with my volvo it would certainly improve it.;)
Thanks Ladies - I'm really chuffed with it

It cost just under £250 including having the rear window blacked in (but I got that bit cheap :biggrin:)

I will certainly let you know if I get a good response - fingers crossed :green:

Looks fab trinty and is a constant advert, so I would say £250 well spent
Thats fab - I want one tooooooo :green:
I Love it.................If that don't get you noticed I don't know what will, it looks fab very classy, hope the phone don't stop ringing for you.

Take care Dawnie xxxx
hey thats great !! i have a 1972 vw beetle which is still being sorted out im def gonna have a spray job done on it as advertising so would be realy interested to know how you get on and how your volume of inquiries increases best of luck gal!!
ooh its fab, it looks really nice , hope it gets you loads of business, love dee
Hey that's really cute! and wayyy cheaper than I expected...where did you get it done ?Can it be taken off easily if for any reason you need to? i.e to sell the car lol
loo can you post a pic of your car? I love seeing these...so cute :)
Hi TracyUK

I had the van done at www.tjs-sign.co.uk - they're a funky modern signwriting company in Hove (just outside Brighton) I watched them putting all the stuff on which was facinating :lol:

It all comes off quite easily - a hot air gun or hairdryer warms the acrylic and softens the adhesive and you peel them off. A good T-Cut and polish and you would never know there were there :green:
i dont think £250 is that expensive so definitely a worthwhile investment. Think of all the advertising you will get in when you're just driving around, even when you're not working :)
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