Lori Nestore DVD's, which to buy?


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jade - portia

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Sep 10, 2011
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Manchester - UK
Just wondering if any experienced geek has seen The Whole Ball of Wax and the latest DVD's by Lori Nestore Advanced Speed Waxing: Face & Body?

I'm going to invest in one and not sure which one to go for, I want to be sure the latest DVD's are as indepth as The Whole Ball of Wax.

Any advice will be much apprecaited :)
Decision made - went with the new DVD and purchased some Berodin hard wax at the same time :)
Just wondering if the new DVD is worthwhile purchasing?
Hi Jade

Can you please let us know what you thought of the DVD, as Im thinking the same.

Thanks x
Could you tell me how much that cost and is it very detailed so that u can see clearly?
the new brazilian dvd is detailed, the models are hairier than in the original dvd and there is a close up view also. Its a great educational tool as you can refer to it time and time again. If you haven't trained in brazilian waxing though I would suggest you book a course also.

visit www.berinswax.co.uk for pricing as we cannot put prices on the forum

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