manchester beauty show... nail no shows!!


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Jan 19, 2006
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hi all, i have just seen who has a stand at the manchester beauty show, really dissappointed as most of the companies i am interested in are not there ( opi, ezflow,cnd, orly ) does anyone know of any other trade shows in the north that these companies have stands at, many thanx
Funny enough I just had a look at the list tonight and was also disappointed as to how few good nail companies are there. Nail Harmony has just decided to do this show, they did London last weekend and did so well they have made a last minute decision to do Manchester. They will be there showing their Liquid and Powders and Gels and, of course, the wonderful Gelish will be there with bells on!

NSI are on the list and Young Nails will be there with Greg Salo who will be doing demos, well worth seeing him. Apart from that though a bit of a flop from my point of view! :green:
Thought I heard/read somewhere that SS would be there but with Minx & Shelac only? Or did I dream it!!!???
I think you dreamt it as I was in Leeds for Minx Training last week and asked if they were there and was told no. :(
I am really disappointed by this aswell. I've been traveling from Glasgow down to the manchester show for the last couple of years as I've been a bit disappointed in the Edinburgh show. Last year at manchester I bought my axxium kit from opi and was hoping this year to stock up on everything. I love being able to see the products rather than ordering online. Really gutted I wish I had gone to London.

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