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Jun 8, 2003
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I have a room within a beauty salon in a small town and do nails and have a sun shower. I'm the only nail tech in my town. I've been going about 2 months at the salon and have been relying on word of mouth for new business and do a bit of advertising in the local press. I had an open day when I first started, but didn't get very many visitors :( Overall I'm pleased with business but want to fill up my diary a bit more. Can anyone let me know of any marketing things they have done which have been quite successful, or am I best to rely on word of mouth and be patient (not one of my virtues - I'm soooooo impatient! :oops: ).
Word of mouth is always the best ... but maybe to encourage your clients to be a bit more 'mouthy' you could offer them a gift if they introduce a friend to your salon.

If the friend of client A gets a full set, then offer client A a free enamel of her choice or 3 friends gets a free rebalance etc.

This worked very well for our salon in the early days.
Well introduce a friend is always a hit.........................
It works for us big time.......................

We are also introducing in the autum a Loyalty Card , like Nectar only better lol
We have on our client records the amount they have spend with us.......
Each visit is one or two points depending on the amount they have spend...
and then that converts to a gift.......more points bigger gift................
makes them come back , not only do they get great nails they also get an incentive to tell their friends............
Introduce a friend and you get points too .......
Should work lol that our plan anyhow ............

Love Ruth xxxx
hi ya, im opening up in aug and im too thinking of marketing ideas and the opening weekend, so far ive thought of either free nail art or airbrushing or a goody bag, a small creative bag containing solar oil, natural nail file, gift voucher and brochure, what do u fink? vicx
nailtiqe said:
or a goody bag, a small creative bag containing solar oil, natural nail file, gift voucher and brochure, what do u fink? vicx

hmmm I think your maybe a little 'over' generous here Vic :shock: !! Brochure yes - pinky S/oil yes - maybe a file (if you can stretch to that) but gift voucher too? Too much!!! It shows what a sweetie you are though ;)
thanks...............just dont want the bag to be empty (lol)...thats all.....
but yes i agree gift voucher too much.......i fink ile give them a choice, either free airbrushed nail art, goody bag with solar oil and natural nail file or a gift voucher for either nails or sun beds does that sound betta or not.........? :?
Instead of a flat gift voucher, what about an 'intro a friend' gift voucher

Just an idea :D
Just a thought....
How about ....a solar oil, file & a (pinkie) bottle of out the door top coat?
I have found that giving "tools" like files is not always a good idea, especially on enhancement ladies as they tend to use them the wrong way anyway... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
On the other hand, they are always happy to receive a little gift, Solar oil, mini Scentsations, mini polish... which introduce them to the range you have :twisted:
Dont give to much away.................

Just a little treat thats all thats needed.........
Make the little bags smaller lol .................
Little solar oil oh yes please
Little scentsational oh yummy ......
Business card and brochure and that should do the trick............

You can always use the other ideas at a later stage, dont over indulge them.
And then let your work leave them panting on your doorstep for more

Good luck babe
Love Ruth xxxx
hi ya.........i will do that then, solar oil and scentsaions............wish u could get mini creativ polishs........????? vicx
You could try putting flyers through doors and advertising in other shop windows. I've done this and have received about most of my customers through that. Maybe do a website as well. I'm busy working on mine at the moment (actually mean my brother is, luckily he does them for a living!!!).

Hope i've been of some help.
Love Linda
Thanks for all the tips - I'm going to persevere with everything and hang in there. Got several new clients have booked in the last week which is encouraging. Its not going to happen overnight so guess I need to stop beating myself up over it!!
When I first started I advertised free nail art with each full set booked.
I had one palatte of nail art I knew took no longer than 20 mins and another with chargeable nail art. I placed this ad at xmas time and emphasised "great for xmas parties". ;)

It worked a treat and some of my clients from this one ad are still with me four years later.

AHHHH its all such good fun :D

Good luck and fill that diary...........

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