Maximist 5008 blocks up


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May 3, 2011
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west yorkshire
I have a Maxi mist 5008 spray gun.But it keeps spraying poor every few tans,it's as if hardly any spray comes out then it sprays a bit then hardly anything,and when you spray down the body horizontally it comes out only 1" wide in a thin stripe.I clean the gun every week,and dismantle it all every 2 weeks,so i dont know whats wrong with it.I have the spray dial at 6 oclock(horizontally) and the back knob at 8-9 oclock. Whats going on, Helppppppppppppp xx:Scared:
Any thoughts ??:rolleyes:
I had a problem like this with my old blue machine. It would sometimes spatter solution, not spray then all of a sudden work. It turned out to be the motor in the machine not working consistently. Do you know anyone with another machine you could try your gun on? Then at least you will definatly know if it's the machine or the gun x

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