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Jan 12, 2003
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Ok so I have been thinking.....//////big mistake! LOL!

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who agreed with me and geeg and the others from the pink & white thread from a few days ago. I wanted to encourage everyone to do pink & whites no matter what the "experts" have to say. It is easy to get caught up in looking at the pictures in advertisement, looking at comp nails, etc that you can become discouraged. Atleast this is how it affected me because I am prefectionist.

I was so fixated on the "SMILE LINE". (OOOHHHH...scary)...that I became literally depressed and down on myslef. I had it in my mind that they had to be competition style nails before anyone would pay money to have them done. Over here in the US it seems to be the big deal to have extreme smile lines. If I post a picture of my nails I get responses like....."those are nice.....they aren't competition .....but their nice". Comments like that really detered me from even doing pink & whites in the first place! Now I am contemplating competing in "salon success" category because that would be more up my alley. But I have a feeling it would still be that extreme smile that they are looking for even though the rules say they do not give extra point for extreme smile lines.

So, I guess I am just rambling........but here is a pic of a full set with OPI Perspective Tips and Young Nails pink & white with "finish" as the sealer.

Hope you like!

Leigh Ann, I was part of that thread too and I totally agree with you. I don't enter my clients hands in competitions - and - they don't even know what the heck a smile line is. They don't know what it's supposed to look like, all they know is they like what I do and that's all that matters.

I long ago stopped stressing about being a perfectionist with this stuff. Oh, I do have very high standards, but only the things that matter. If I can't handle a particular product and feel I'm making a mess or it's taking too long, I will switch to something else that works FOR ME. Why would I struggle and possibly lose a client, if there is something that matches my skill level better that I should be using. Same thing goes for smile lines. If we can't get that extreme look without it looking like a grimace, then go for the Mona Lisa smile instead. Clients can always sense a level of confidence (or lack thereof) and if I put myself in the client's seat I know the right thing to do.
I totally agree! I recently tried Le Chat gelle powder system and well.......I can't seem to get it down pat. i was doing it on a client over existing acrylic. Well, needless to sat it was a disaster. Just when I tried to finally make it all right with the top sealer I realized the UV light was not on and well..that just made a big "gelee" mess all over the place! DUH!

Needless to say I think the client sensed I was lacking in the confidence department. But I still love to try new things! later......

Leigh Ann
That light thing has happened to me too. Now I make sure I watch for the purple glow! I usually practice on myself with new products. I just started using akzentz gel, and if you are interested email me and I'll give you the scoop, it is a beautiful product and relatively easy as far as gel goes.
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