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Oct 19, 2003
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I've heard some good reports about Millennium tips. I currently use CND tips, with Velocity being my favourites closely followed by Formation.

Does anyone know if which of Millennium's tips would be similar to Velocity?? Eg: dramatic arch, thin contact area easy to blend.

Jenny :biggrin:
Sori havent tried them but hav also heard gud stuff about their tips. Does anybody know the web address or number, I wouldn't mind trying them!

I have used millennium tips are they are very good. The web add is but the prices displayed are for the public not for professionals.
I use them all the time !!!! I really rate them highly.
I would reccomend the Salon Gold tips - 400 in a box for £11.99 + VAT !!
Call them on 0191 487 4600 and they'll send you a catalogue (which also has other goodies in too !!)
Debsidoo99 said:
I use them all the time !!!! I really rate them highly.
I would reccomend the Salon Gold tips - 400 in a box for £11.99 + VAT !!
Call them on 0191 487 4600 and they'll send you a catalogue (which also has other goodies in too !!)

I'd looked at the Salon Gold tips in the catalogue, are they quick & easy to blend? e.g. ghost shadows blend in etc

Jenny x
I cannot comment on Millenium Tips, but the 'Tip Co' tips are very good, they have a fabulous range and white French in 3 different curves, as well as all tips available in full contact area or cut out, with clear tips to match. You can purchase individual numbers in 50 or 100 packs, and they blend very well.

They do 100pks at £4.95, 250 pks at £9.95 and 500 pks at £15.95.

I have no problems whatsoever with blending / shadows. I've used them for about a year and they've been great.
I've also heard that the Tip Co tips are good but I've not used them.
Millennium also do various shaped / coloured / style tips.
Perhaps try a small box of 100 first before you splash out on a new box. :biggrin:
Hiya Jenny....
I have used the Salon Gold tips for a while now and find them everso easy to blend. Millenium also do a variety of pack sizes which means you can order a small pack to try! This is what I did to begin with as I had tried soooooo many tip varieties in a bid to find the perfect one ,my bank balance was gasping!

Freephone orderline 0800 169 6003

I do believe tho that there is a minimum order of £15.00 by mail order.
Hope this helps
I am a millennium nails distributor if you require futher information then please ring 01723 582563 or e-mail [email protected]
Just tried to access link to millenium nails website, said not authorised??
I have the same problem!
Hi-ya every1

Just a quicky 2 let u know,
i placed an order with millennium about 2 weeks ago.
They said their site will be back up & running within a couple of weeks or so.
Updating site i think they said, but they will send u a colour cat & an order form if u give them ring. :biggrin:
hi there,

i have used millenium white tips, and gold tips and square tips, they are absolutely fantastic and i would recommend them to anyone. i have tried loads of different makes of white tips but ya just cant beat millenium.

Hi Jenny,

I use the Millennium French white and Gold and i think they're great - the price is brilliant too.

I won't use any other tips now, millenium tips are FABULOUS! So easy to blend and so strong! :D
I can also recommend them. I used to use the CND tips but have to admit I favour the Millennium tips. I have been using them for a little while now and use the French and Square. You can buy a box of 400 for 11.99 + Vat. They also come in 200, 100 and then refill packs of 50, and retail packs of 20. Their glue is also very good and is 50p for a small bottle. As long as the weight of your order is below 2 kilos the carriage is only £4.75 (which you also need to add vat on). I have also tried their tip remover and polish remover which are also good value.

Hope this helps.

I would defo get a catalogue.

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