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Thank you ALL!!! I am leaving for San Diego on January 29th so keep the requests coming!! :salute: :salute:


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Aug 15, 2003
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just a thought!!!! one of my mad moments would'nt it be nice if creative did their polishes in mini sizes in a mobile carry case (like the big version)
I have so many polishes that go out of fashion and i get pretty sick of carrying them about they r so heavy. mini ones in a case of their own would be fantastic!!!!!
For years, Creative did the range of their enamels in mini bottles called 'Pinkies'!!

Unfortunately, at the time, the market was limited and everyone wanted the large sizes so we stopped doing the 'pinkies'. sizes. If there is a large demand, it will happen.

In the meantime, the mobile technician's case contains 30 colours ... having 2 would give you 60 colours. To my mind 30 colours should be more than enough to satisfy your needs - if you have the right colours that is. You can get the list of the top selling colours if you want it.
I second the motion for nail polishes in pinky size - excellent for retail!!!

i third that :D
where do i get the list from please geeg
sawasdee ka

Little mini bottles of nail color is beautifull idea ka i know many why is very good idea.

Kop khun ka mui ka
Please bring them back Geeg :D
Pinkies 8)
Yes Pleeeease! I would definately be interested in little pinkie sizes!

xx Tamm
Bring back Pinkies, my retail sales have dropped dramatically! They make perfect little gifts for new and old clients to.
bring back pinkie nail enamels..... ideal for give aways, or for clients not wanting larger bottles or for my nail art parties....... its mad giving mini bottles of polish from places like superdrug/accessories... feels un-professional AND it would be nice to promote the fact that i use creative...
I will pass your wants on to 'the people that count'. Maybe we were a little too soon when we brought them out. Now we don't have them everyone wants them. :?

It used to be the same with enamel collections (not now). Every new collection was wanted a year later!!! You guys are so much better at retailing now and at keeping stock and generally keeping up to the minute.

Someone said in a recent post ... oh it all happens in the States first!! this is SO untrue. When it happens in the States (nailwise) it happens here at the same time ... sometimes they release things here even sooner!!! :shock: Yes they do!
geeg you are a star!!!!
I'd like to have an assortment of minis to sell to my customers, I have a feeling it would sell very well.

Kat meow
yep please bring back pinkys

Just thought i'd throw my two penneth in!!
I would also buy Creative enamels in the pinky size as I currently use Mavala, but only because they are in small sizes, I would gladly swop to Creative.
Lets all watch, and wait patiently aye!!
Allison ;-)
I will pass your wants on to 'the people that count'. Maybe we were a little too soon when we brought them out. Now we don't have them everyone wants them.

Good on ya Geeg! That would be great! ooooh can't wait!! :goal: They would be fantastic for nail evenings and to go in little gift packs with other minis..... the list is endless!! And of course we want them now you don't have them!! It always happens that way!! :D


xx Tamm
Well Peoples... I have just spoken to THE Jan Arnold (Creative Nail Design's Co-Founder) :shock: :queen: :salute: about the 'Pinkie' situation and she has asked me to print these posts and bring them up at Global Conference at the end of let's see where this get's us..more comments PLEASE if you want to see the return of the Pinky!!! ;)
I think the pinkies are a great idea, people really love dinky sized things (even though it's usually more cost effective to buy larger sizes!). They would be very handy for mobile techs too, yes definately a good idea!

For those looking for Creative pinkies, it's worth looking on the American Ebay site. I've bought them regularly on there as they aren't available anymore in the UK. My clients love them. I include them in 'goody bags' along with a few other things.

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