Mini Mani's for charity event - do I need a consultation form filling in?

Bev Rose

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I am doing a charity event this weekend and offering free Mini Mani's with a donation to the 'Wish upon a Star Foundation'.
The mani will be quick & consist of sanitise, file, buff to high shine & Oil. Maybe I will use my cuticle remover if needed - ? Just means it will take longer.
Do I need to ask each person to fill out a consultation form for insurance purposes to offer this as a free service with a donation to charity ( I will have an official charity collection box on my nail desk at the event).

I will be handing out price lists and cards, together with a £5 voucher to be used on services in my salon in Jan & Feb (not enhancement services).

Any help/ideas would be great - thanks xxxx


I would also like to know this..I have an event this weekend also..thanks x


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Every time that I have done a charity event I have filled in consult cards, even if you put their name and phone no address, and contra-indications, and allergies you should be fine. Oh and get them to sign them too. You never know. I always just cover myself.
Good luck hunni hope you raise a lot of money :hug::hug:
Jen xx