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Jul 3, 2010
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so a friend said to me, im going to buy the minx kit online ... they say you can just use a hairdryer to apply it, it is better than coming and paying you £25 every few weeks, at least i can do it myself...and not feel i am being ripped off by paying salon prices.

I said what do you mean online, you need an account and proof of qualifications and training to buy off authorised stockists..

...she replies... they are all over ebay...so i do a search and yes there they are! and with the advice that a hairdryer will do the same job!!! How annoying is this???!!!!!

Now if she goes and tells everyone else we know... that would be extremely annoying! It's like she was making out, you are taking the piss by thinking you can charge something when the person can do it themselves at home with a hairdryer! Even though my good friends get 10% discount off my services.

Ok, rant over...sorry! I just feels when professional products are plastered over ebay..it is an insult to our industry!
Is this actually MINX or is it the Trendy Nail Wraps??

They're being sold on ASOS too, what can you do?

The only thing is I bet they don't look half as good as they would if a professional was doing it. :/
Hey hun, yeah a friend of mine was on about this too, well I say let them get on with it. Imagine the way we do a pedicure and the polish lasts for week or months if you dont bother to remove it, well people who paint their own toe nails well it last a few days, same with minx, people dont prep properly etc and off it peels, I know this because there is a salon in town who take 5mins to apply (no prep) and all the clients I get who have been there say oh minx is rubbish it come off, well when I do it it doeant budge so they come to me, people cant believe how long it lasts. I have used a hairdryer to apply minx when my bulb went in the middle of a treatment, was so fiddle and annoying to use a hairdryer and not infared. People always goning to do DIY jobs and its never the same as when a pro does it. I wouldnt worry too much about it xx
Unfortunately i did see actual minx on there. It is just annoying really... i know there isn't much we can do... but still annoying! As she is going around telling everyone...then wonders why we can charge £25 for a set!
Nice friend to talk to you that way!

Just wait and see how she goes with a hairdryer!! lol

You can buy anything at all on ebay and it has been pointed out on here many times before. ebay sellers have not stopped people growing their business by using Minx one little bit any more than selling liquid & powder in every pharmacy in the USA has stopped salon services being popular or women colouring their own hair has put hair salons out of business. You can always find cheap skates and she won't be paying cheap prices on ebay believe me. Take no notice.
i agree that buying minx from ebay is stupid (as its still dearer than sweet squared)

BUT i go to my friend who put my minx on as she is a beauty tech too and having a dodgy back means i cant bend so far to do my own and while i was there her lamp broke so she had to use a hairdryer,
that was on the 22nd august, and apart from some growth all 10 of my toenails are still on i just file my free edge
but wow am i impressed i love minx and will never have bare toenails again no matter what season it is lol
I did not say a hair dryer won't work ... minx needs heat ... A hairdryer supplies heat ... It will work if you know what you are doing and what you are looking for and can be bothered that it takes twice the time to do it that way. The consumer doesn't know these things ... They won't know what they're doing and even if they do have some success I still don't think it will really affect the professional sector.
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I did a client Minx a few months ago, and then last week she messaged me saying she has bought Minx from ebay, and can she just pay me for my time to apply it. I just said no I only put Minx on if I have bought it.

That's like going in to a hairdressers and saying, hi I bought a colour can you put it on for me, you would do it ;-(

Some people are a little bit cheeky!!!

Tracie xx
Consumers won't tidy the nails properly, they won't be as hygenic (and could risk bacterial infections!) and above everything, they won't look as nice.

Nail polish is sold everywhere, but it does not stop clients coming into our salon to PAY to have a revarnish :)

well i have a huge problem with minx.......... i wish i had more fingers and toes
i can never decide which i want on but will be buying some christmas ones next week but told hubby i need them all lol
so watch out sweet squared im coming for ya lol
let her go ahead and buy it, she will soon realise that she doesnt just pay you for the product but for your expertise too.

I had a client that had bought minx off ebay, then took it to nss salon who had no idea what to do with it and also charged her £25 to apply it who then phone me to fix the problem by the time she had finished trying to save money it then cost her £30 to pay me for doing it properly. I had a friend who said she would just go to ebay as it was cheaper than paying me she then called up to apologise as its not as easy as it looks and could i do them for her properly?!
You can get a pair of "hairdressing scissors" in boots and cut your own hair. People generally don't do it unless they have a screw loose!
Your friend must be a bit odd to go to the trouble of buying, waiting for delivery, trying to master application etc, just to prevent you earning a few quid!
Does she do her own dentistry too?
Does she do her own dentistry too ha ha that made me laugh, oh there are some scabs around who always looking to do things on the cheap arent there.. but you can ALWAYS tell the difference between a professional job and a DIY. x
Don't fret. Sit back, watch her spend her hard earned on the Minx, make a terrible creased mess of it and realise its not 'that easy'. You don't have anything to worry about her being able to do it herself.

I do a lot of minx and even i cant do it with a hairdryer myself properly as I need two hands on the minx and a hairdryer between my knees gets old fast.
Trust me, she'll give up.

I bought some TNW's and tried to do my own toes with a hair dryer. IT was NOT fun. I never ever wanna do that again.
I have seen them on ebay too quite expensive though!. Its a shame because its good nail techs like us who have trained for years and years, and people who don't have a clue about the industry think that they can do the job themselves. Good luck to them!

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