Mixing lashes- do's and don'ts!


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Jul 15, 2010
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Hi all

I've been lashing a while now, but just wanted to hear your opinions on mixing lashes

I always use B curls for the main body of the lash line and then sprinkle some C curls through and especially through the end to give the lashes a flick (fine ones though to ensure they dont weigh down the outer lashes).

So, if I'm using B curl 0.2mm 12 through a section of the lashes and wanted to add some C curls to the same area would I mix in C curl 0.15-0.2mm 13?

Or do you just mix B 12mm and C 12mm?

I hope that makes sense to people?X
Hi all- can anyone give me a hand with this one?

Thanks x
Hi there!
I have only been doing it for 8mths or so and it's reall a case of trying different curls. But afte buying many many pots of different thickness and curls, at the moment I stick with0.25 Mink lashes, mainly C's and B's. If a client with quite straigh lashes comes in, I would use only .25 B's. If they are fairly curved, I would use C's.
I always get the "Wow, that's nice" with that.
Try it.
I don't use the type of lashes you describe, mine are either J or C curls. But I'll try and give my opinion on what you've written and how I've interpreted it!

If you've got a client who has straight lashes and you apply straight lashes then you're fine, the same goes for curl on curl.

I personally wouldn't mix the two because you're likely to see the straight lash and the curly lash separated when stuck together. You'd therefore be able to tell they were really false. But if you did, I'd go for the 13mm because you'll need to make up for the loss of length where it curls. The extra 1mm should do it.
I have J,B,C and D curls. I very rarely use the J curls-i find them too boring-lol. They have their place though.
B and C lashes mixed together give a lovely result. If i am using 12mm B lashes, then i use 12mm C lashes as well in the same place.
Just experiment and see which results you like best. Try a few different sets on some friends and take before and after pics. Get yourself a little photo album so clients can see the different sets :)
I would agree with Lucy-Jayne and not mix the different curls but rather stick with the same curl throughout to give a nice full effect of the same shape no matter if you look from the front or the side. I would definitely use different lengths for the outer corners or depending on the style the client wants.
hth :hug:
Thanks guys

Ok I'll give it all a go, I like the idea of the photo album! It's funny, I am always learning with this treatment, so many different looks and lashes! Love it though

Really appreciate the response and will let you know how I get on! xxx
I think it depends on the look you are after.

A full set of lashes the same curl is lovely and gives a more uniform look, but mixing b's and c's can give a lovely look too, perhaps slightly more natural.
I am currently using a lot B curls and love them,
most of my clients have quite straight lashes so with B's it looks quite nice
starting to use more tickness now but do you apply thicker ones on natural lash or beside?
I read this somewhere but beside you can't really "paint" with the glue?!
also i bought already new glue which sets faster but half way filling they still tend to stick together though I am brushing them constantly...
any ideas?

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