Mobile beauty therapy-advertising tips please?


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Sep 2, 2009
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Hi there i am a mobile beauty therapist and rely on word of mouth for customers.
I am wanting to seriously increase my customer base without spending a fortune on advertising.
I have recently done a facebook page and i ask all my customers to join and invite their friends.
I post offers etc every couple of days but dont get any takers!!
Can anyone advise on some good advertising ideas??
I too get alot of customer from word of mouth,
but the main source of my clients come from my website,
bookings have gone through the roof!
Im no good at all that stuff,so my mum did mine for me,
its free and she did it on moonfruit.she said it was really easy to do,

I recently put an ad in my local paper,and only had 1 call from it! and it was expensive!
also i know myself when im looking into something new, my first port of call is the internet,
hope this helps,and good luck,
Kate x
thanks Kate.

I do have a website which i recently had built which cost quite a bit but looks fab but not very high on google search resluts??

How have you become 'visible' on internet searches, there are so many beauty therapists that im pages down!!

I am mostly mobile and most if my new clients come from my website. I'm fortunate that I'm quite high on some google searches.

Make sure all your "key words" cover everything. I'm sure there's a better word for that. Also, link your website everywhere you can. Free listings and on your signature here.
ok thanks ill have a look at that thanks,
I am a new mobile therapist so that helps me too thank you !
put yourself on Freeindex its great, had alot of enquiries from it myself:green:
I found a local magazine was great. And I have done a leaflet drop twice now and worked great. I have spent loads on advertising this past year. and the leaflet drop was deffo the best.

Local post office was good but they cost now about 50p a week.

Word of mouth is great but it takes time.

I also do a monthly email to all my clients, get's them having something extra sometimes.

Good luck.
Hey there

I am a mobile therapist, i have never spent a penny on advertising but i live on an island so am quite spoilt with the good word of mouth over here lol!! I looked at friends that i had working in the finance industry or other big companies and emailed them a price list, which they then emailed to friends and also put up in staff rooms for me. Also offer them an incentive to book with you like 10% off if they quote where they work!!

I had lots of calls from people who had seen my price lists up in the staff room and have gained some great monthly clients from it!!

Good Luck

Hi Steph
Just found your post as having same thoughts as you! Have you registered with yellow pages? You can post a listing on there free of charge. :)
Hi there, I am in the same boat as you (although have my own salon, not mobile and we've been open 8 weeks now and really need to double our client base) I agree, leaflet drops are good and also posters/notices in shop windows, hotel receptions, community centre etc. With regards to the Google search, there is a way of getting yourself higher up the search engine... I can't remember what it's called, but try "Googling" it (haha, seriously!) and there is info on how to do it. Good luck and I'll keep following this post as it's of interest to me too! X
Check us out. We are offering free listings and soon we will be allowing therapists to have their website links on their profiles too but that will be for a paid subscription. Anyone who is signed up with us now will get their memberships much cheaper than anyone who comes to us as a new client once we being with the charging.

We have many therapist and our therapists profiles rank very well in the search engines. You can either join yourself or wait until Monday to speak with one of the team who will fill out a profile for you.

Whenever a client asks you a question, requests a callback or books a treatment you will get a text with all the details. For more info please visit our site and click on the advertising link. Calling us on Monday will gain you further information about how we opperate.

There is a website coming out in the next few weeks that will be a great tool for beauty professionals to expand their business. is going to allow beauty professionals to create 100% free profiles. You can upload as many pics as you want, and list your contact info and services offered. It will be very user friendly for potential clients. They will have the option to browse profiles but they can also start at the image gallery and view pics of stylist creations in their area. When they find the pic they love, they will automatically be directed to the stylist profile page that created that look. If you "like" them on Facebook you will be the first notified when the site is up so you can be one of the first to create a profile. There are also pics of the website design on their Facebook page. | Facebook

I see your based in California. Is the beauty bot about US beauty professionals or UK beauty professionals?

P x