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Jun 4, 2012
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Hi Guys,
New to this Forum, and wondering what you nail techs out there use to transport your equipment efficiently? I currently use NSI UV Gel and Gelish UV polish

I currently use a black and decker tool box, however wanting something to stand my Gelish in to prevent leakage.

Any advice is appreciated!

Thanks x
I do Bio gel and I have a clear plastic box which neatly fits/stands up my pots. Which is at the bottom of a gold suit case :)

I have seen gelish and if I recall they are like bottles of varnish, so my box wouldn't be great for you.

My plastic boxes are from home bargins, it has all seperate compartments with dividers which I took out.

My bio varnishes fit in the small ones-but they aren't huge bottles.

The biggest clear ones may be worth a look if you took some of the slots out and stood it up vertically.

Just take a bottle with you to asses for size as I was sure my gels would fit in the small ones but they wouldn't when I got it home :)

I put all my polishes in clear plastic boxes made by Really Useful Boxes. They have loads of different sizes. I got mine from Wilkinsons but here is a link to their site:

Go Shopping - Really Useful Boxes - Full Range

I measured the height of my polishes and got the one that fitted the best! xx
I use gelish and a bit less hi-tec have a large plastic box no lid with an old shoe box inside for all gelish and round the outside can fit tools barbicide and bottles of cleanse etc, even manage to balance lamp and towels too! X
Hi and welcome, Roo Salon have some nice storage/trolleys etc x
Hi and welcome, Roo Salon have some nice storage/trolleys etc x

I'll second roo salon, I have the back pack and it comes with the small bags with dividers for polishes perfect for my gelish :) xx
Also recommend Roo - I have the pull along case which came with rucksack and zip up box/case inside that holds all my gelish bottles. There was a link on here a few months back to a discount - it was a thread about mobile tech cases.
I've got a beauty trolley from la beeby. I got it at excel and it's perfect. My Cnd lamp, light, towel fits in the bottom, my gels and shellacin the middle section and lotions and glitter in top section. I'm going to get another one for my manicure and pedicure stuff. Here's the link

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