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Mar 19, 2010
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Hi mobile geeks!

I'm interested to know what your cancellation policies are, how you publicise them and how you enforce them? Do you ever take deposits?

I've started working mobile recently and (touch wood!) haven't had a problem with no shows etc yet - but know it's only a matter of time!

Thanks for your feedback!

i've had a couple of people that have cancelled and feel alittle down about it. however i'm glad they let me know instead of just ignoring me! - i've been thinking about deposits - but not sure how to go about it!. i'm going to do this for pamper parties though as i think some people might not turn up and you don't no anything about it until i get there. - not sure how i'm going to go about this tho. xx

Thanks for your reply. I've never done one but I have been to them and always paid in full in advance and never minded. It's actually nice not to have to faff around on the night trying to find the right change etc. x
my way around this is to go to them to do a consultation before hand and ask for 50% deposit at consultation for a new client, it might seem like such a waste to drive back and forwards just for a consultation but in my opinion it's far better for me because i can get an idea of the area/street/home/client aswell as deciding if for eg. the property was in a block of flats if i wanted to actually do the treatment because of course equipment is heavy and without a lift could be a right hasle not to mention leave you with a sore back. safety is far more important than money. not just that but any potential problems with the treatment i can ask my trainers for advice in advance.

i'm still just practising but i'm having to start charging for products/equipment and it's so annoying when somebody cancels, especially when you have gone through the hasle of getting ready and sorting child care.

i always said i would take deposits up front and this particular person said she didn't get paid until the day i was supposed to be doing the treatment and i was like oh it's ok then so on thursday i went to do patch tests and consultation and give aftercare leaflet etc and the next day 2 hours before the appointment she texted to say she 'hadn't been paid by work'. x
I never thought to do either of your ideas! - thankyou and hope you manage to sort out if people cancel. Keep us update :) x
I never thought to do either of your ideas! - thankyou you should think about what missconfused has said. if you do it just for new clients it may be worth it. hope you manage to sort out if people cancel. Keep us update :) x

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