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Oct 26, 2003
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i was just wondering if any one knew any thing about 'more than white'.
i used it for the first time the other day, i apllied my tip, scrub freshed the natural nail applied MTW then applied clear L&P over the nail, when i came to refine and buff the edge of the free edge had a yellow tinge on only a couple of nails.
they weren't the first nails i had started with, they were middle fingers so i have ruled out my brush having anything to do with it. is there any other reason? should i haveput a thin layer of clear L&P over the tip, then MTW, then overlayed it?

any help greatly recieved.

Hi Beck - This has been discussed before so perhaps do a search for indepth info. It may be that you are not leaving it long enough to dry between application. Sorry I can't help any more but I'm sure some of the other Geeks will come to your rescue!
thanks chris
i found the thread you were talking about (must have missed it first time around) thanks, i think maybe it wasn't completely dry before putting on the L&P, as i didn't exactly spread it thin! i will try thinner coats and waiting a bit longer. thanks for the thread though.

I have to say i use MTW all the time and its never gone yellow, but then i apply two thin coats and make sure i leave it for 2 minutes to dry in between each coat then its ok. Hope this helps.

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