My Advertising Feed Back Wanted Please.


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Klassy Klaws

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Oct 9, 2005
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Aberdeenshire, Scotland
As I have taken the big step and gone out on my own full time:eek:
I thought I needed to get some offers out there to encourage some more clients.
As this is all new to me I was looking for some feed back on my flyer's.
Please take a look and let me know what you think:hug:
Motherday Flyers.jpg Copy of Valentine Flyers.jpgCopy of Updated Posters.jpg
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I think your flyers are lovely Karen and very eye-catching (which is, let's face it, exactly what you want to achieve).

Wishing you every success with your solo venture :hug: xx
i think the same as ya face flyers and that will get you attention which is what you need....well done xx
Brill flyers hun!
Just one thing....isnt it Mother's Day?!

Great though, they should bring in the masses!

The only thing i would suggest is wrapping your text in the pics rather than having white text boxes on the offers ones. Give a better look. But thats just my view.

Good luck
They look fantastic and good luck with going alone.

I need to get my butt into gear and make the brave jump (been saying this for forever) and open up my home salon. I have no excuse now as the room was plastered b4 christmas.
they are lovely , esp the last one , agree with above poster about wrapping the text i think it might look a little bit better , :hug: xx
Brill flyers hun!
Just one thing....isnt it Mother's Day?!

Great though, they should bring in the masses!

Doh thats what happens when you don't concentrate!!:lol:
I think they are great! I'm having trouble making flyers but you seem to have a knack for it. I'd certainly take notice if one of those came through my door :hug:
Well done Karen they are looking good.

The only comments I would make is to only have 1 copy of the same image as it looks too "busy" for me with 2 identical images.

I wouldn't have my home address advertised I would only give this to confirmed appointments.

That is only a personal opinion I am no expert on advertising.

I think they're really nice!
But on the first one you've put '10% OF all waxing', it should be '10% OFF'!
I think they're lovely, good luck x
very eye-catching.
im only saying this from pass leaflet drops,

but i have found that when a leaflet is simple, for example £10.00 off a hot stone back massage i get more response from it. I would take a few of the picture off and make the texts stand out abit more.
I did an all dancing/singing leaflet but only got 2 people from it, then when i did a simple design it worked much better, i think it cause it only took 5 seconds to read and the customer could decided if they wanted it or not.

Also i think limiting the offers on a leaflet to say 1 or 2 so your putting over a stronger selling point.

hope that helps.
i like them all

well done

not sure if you should have you home address on though

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