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Jan 12, 2003
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Benissa, Costa Blanca, Spain
My baby aka Samantha or Mrs Geek is a bit poorly and she has gone to Norway a bit poorly. Just worn out I think. She works so hard and always feels guilty about having to be away from her children. Anyway it has taken its toll and I just hope she gets through this weekend ok. I think she needs some TLC in Spain with her Mum!!

Anyhoo, that is why you have not seen or heard from her on the board and she asked me to send you all her love and to say that she is sorry to have neglected you. Man ... she lives off guilt!!

Both connections to the computers in the house are playing up too which doesn't help. You will hear from her next week on her return if she can summon up the energy. Hope she's OK. I used to think that I worked hard but things are even more busy now. Bless them.

She sends her love through me to all.
Awwww my poor meeping chicha!! :(

You tell her to get some rest asap!! :salute: Or she'll end up as a very run down dillon ;-);-);-) Send her my love'n'meeps :)

Well Geeg,
send her my love and tell her I hope she feels better soon............
Yes and some TLC with you would do her the world of good..........

so tell her to take it easy now and again and a big {{{{{{HUG}}}}}}
from Ruth and Faye xxxxxxx
awwwwwwww poor samantha

tell her to get well soon and send her my love geeg xxx
I will send her your love.

It's time you (Caroline, Layla and my dear friend Ruth) went to bed.

Just like Iam now going to do!

Love Ya!
Sawasdee kha samantha

Have holiday with your mama geeg rest little bit and have happy enjoy not think work too much and have power after for sure .

I hope you get strong soon .

Kop khun kha mui
Didnt get to speak to you at Gmex, you were a permenantly busy lady!
Wrap yourself up in a little bit of that love and attention that you give to the industry and you will soon feel well and rested ;)
geeg said:
I will send her your love.

It's time you (Caroline, Layla and my dear friend Ruth) went to bed.

Just like Iam now going to do!

Love Ya!

LOL :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I did go to bed last night earlier than I usually do, I feel meeping awful! I'm on my 3rd cold of the month!! Feeling very rundown (again), think I need some rest too, a bit of WARMTH in the house would be nice too!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Oh poor Samantha
I did say to Caroline at Manchester that Samantha looked tired...........I hope she listens and gets some rest it does no good at all to burn the candles at both end.
Take care hunny
Love ya Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Take care Sam!

Mother's love is the best medicine!

Kxxx :D
Jus spoken to Missy Samantha via text, she's ok and is taking her medicine!! :) Good gurly! She says Norway is cold...brrrrrr!!!

And she passes on her love to "all meeping geeks" xx

ahhh bless her. i am stuck with yet another cold (thanks mum) . i have only just got over one and now i am stuck with another one.

take care samantha babe xxxxxx
love pipi xxxx
Please tell Samantha that I am sorry to hear she is ill, and that she needs to relax.

My Mum is always stressed out with her job and works to hard as well. It can make you really ill.

Also, when I have passed my Swedish Massage course she can have a free relaxing massae courtesy of me in my new shop!

(But she will have to wait until early next year! :D )
Yea RUTH I want a WORD with YOU!!! Thanks for the cold!! This one isnt shifting LOL! Faye, what shall we do with her??! ;-)

ummm let me see . i think you should decide that one layla ........ :D

love pipi xxxxxx
I think she should stay in my house for a week and then she'll see how bloody cold it is!!!!

:rolleyes: :twisted:

aint ya got no gas hunni.
you can always come back and live at home here ............

love pipi xxxxxxx
oh sam :(
there's me thinking that you're superwoman 8)
seriously, we have both had v.hectic schedules in the last few months.
we both have same diet of guilt, & feel we have to be somewhere for someone :shock:
your kids know they r loved, so mayb it's time for YOU!
recurring illness is the only way that i sit up & listen to my body( as i've had to this wk :( )
listen to your body, & chill with mum :D
speak soon lol liza xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Get well soon Mrs Geeg, I miss seeing your avatar :D .

Samantha, I hope you get well soon :aww: . You can't do everything. I find it difficult to run a business and look after 1 child let alone two.

Remember: Mother's always know best! :D Take some time out and go sun yourself in Spain 8) . Geeg can do all the motherly things like make you hot chocolate and wrap you all up (just thinking what my mum does for me!) and you'll feel better in no time. Just because you're a mum yourself doesn't mean that you can't be your mum's baby for a little while!!!! A bit of motherly love does everyone the world of good.

We wish you all the best Samantha.
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