My Cat, Lucky


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Just got a phone call from the poor little cat Lucky has been diagnosed with kidney disease :cry: im so upset!! don't think he'd ever eat a special diet, he barely eats as it is and it's better to eat something isn't it? a daily tablet I don't think would ever stay down his throat and does anyone know if an injection is gna do anything? don't wana put my angel down. hes 17 next month... :cry:

just needed to let it out :(

Ruth Mills

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Oh no, poor kitty :hug:

Hey. sorry to hear about your cat. Its terrible when our animals are poorly. Its worse they cant tell us how they feel. I myself have a cat and i dread the thought of her being poorly, but id always want her to be happy and healthy so its always a tough time. Injections should be ok and he should take a tablet if its hidden in a treat. 17 years is amazing! I hope he starts to feel better soon. Xx


You might find your cat will actually eat the diet - nimals tend to know what is good and bad to eat for their health.

I had a cat who had to stay on a strict renal diet and I mean strict - if he did eat something else he got poorly very quickly and it was life threatening.

Dont give up hope yet mate, it is tough I know but you might be surprised.


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Thanks girls, wiped the tears away, just hoping I can help my little cutie now x


Awww I'm really sorry to hear this my boyfriends cat recently died of kidney problems cos we just didn't catch it in time. Animals do tend to eat the healthy meals as they know it's good for them, as for the tablets the trick is to hold the mouth closed and gently stroke the throat, this makes them swallow so you shouldn't have any problems.
Hope your furry friends better soon.


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If you put the cat on a flat surface like a table, put your left arm round him, with your left hand holding his jaw, use your right hand to open his mouth. Poke the pill in as far back as you can, the hold his mouth closed with your left hand. Stroke his throat until you see him swallow.

Am expert in giving cats pills and other medicine (4 of them).

Kidney problems are serious in cats, especially older ones, so the diet is really important.

If your cat really struggles when you are giving the pill, you can wrap them in a towel with just the head poking out. I tend not to bother with this as I'm pretty quick at poking pills down their throats.