My first week!


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May 12, 2003
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I am tired and completley worn out! It has been quite good, a bit quiet though. But I do have 5 customers which is only a few I know but to say I got them in my first week I am impressed with myself because I haven't really advertised yet. :D

I have done a set of Natural Nail Overlays, a File and Paint, a Full Set of Acrylics, and a Solar Manicure. Then I have a full set booked for 2 weeks time, and a rebalance booked for Saturday. So it's not so bad. :D

You are all probably smiling and remembering what it was like when you first started with only a few customers, and think it is funny how giddy I am about it, but it is really exciting! :D :oops:

My favourite was definately the Solar Manicure because the Lady is 70 and she is very nice. She was going on holiday the following day and she loved her new hands! :D

I was really pleased with them as well because I put 'New Years Kiss' on them and they looked gorgeous! (If I do say so myself! :oops: )

So a big thank you to Mrs Geek for her words of wisdom on Solar Manicure! :sunny:

The only thing about this Lady was that she liked the Solar products so much that she was fishing for freebies! :D She told me that all the shops she goes to give her trial packs of new products so she can try before she buys! Then she gave me a huge 'give me a freebie NOW!' smile! :D

I had absolutley nothing more to give her seen as though as a first time customer she got a free sunbed session and a free Solar Oil! What more does she want from me! :D

So I am now going to sleep to prepare for what customers tomorrow may bring!

Thank You for all your support.
Goodnight God Bless.
FANTASTIC!!!! X :D :thumbsup:
well done babe, you must be chuffed to bits
love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
thats fantastic , you will soon be booked solid.
Well tomorrow is my first day in the new shop and am a little nervous, but i am excited at the same time(hey i am my mothers daughter).
i have a few people booked in with me already and the times i am not busy i will be wandering around introducing myself to everyone (well anyone who will listen to me rammbling)........................
anyway keep up the good work it will be hard but you will get there..........

love faye xxxxxxxxxx
Well done keep up the good work

Well done you, I can remember it well as its only 2 months ago that I was there and I`m doing really well already. Most of my manicures are pensioners and they look and feel great when they leave, its so satisfying.
Good Luck Faye x
Well done!

Be proud - you deserve it!!!

Kx :D
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