My natural nail looks white after using a drill.


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Feb 16, 2009
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Hi I decided to try out a nail drill my friend had on my set of acrylics to see if it would be easier to do infills with rather than the file. Even though this was a cheap drill I was very careful not to touch my natural nail or skin. I was very impressed with how well it blended the acrylic in and want to invest in a proper drill for future use but I'm confused about one thing. When I had the old acrylic blended in I started my infill and everything was fine but it seems after I applied a gel overlay the area of where I applied the new acrylic has gone like a pale white colour. Its hard to explain how it looks. Its like the area of my nail that had grew up has been scratched really badly and left white marks. Which I don't understand as I never touched my own nail with the drill, I've used the same acrylic as the last time and I've done the prep procedure as I have been taught. Has anyone any idea why this has happened or what has gone wrong? I can't see my infill line just the white area of where the new bit of nail has grew up. Also I'm looking to buy a professional drill, where and which one is the best? Thanks
Just bumpin this up. Has no one experienced this?
Can't really advice on your problem but Kupa does a fantastic tiny e-file that is virtually silent & doesn't vibrate thru the wrist bones thus preventing RSI. I think they're about £325 but that includes free training. They are available thru Fingertips Centre xxx
Is the CND e file training gone regional yet does anyone know xx
Classes have been scheduled for Safe Responsible efile training with the KUPA Mani-Pro Super Max at distributor locations. Just call S2 08452106060.

As for the original question from Beautyw ... I have not experienced what you describe. If you can SEE scratches then you have made scratches it is as simple as that.
Are you able to upload a photo of your nails, i,m realy curious to what this could be?
Only thing I can think of is a wrong mixratio??? While I was doing my first training I remember I could have a different color in the clear pink if my ratio was off.

Otherwise, have you only noticed this once??? Not when you don't e-file?? Reason I ask is because I had a client, who always had more whitish nails around the material, just as if I had overfiled the rest of the nail (which I didn't). I spend a lot of time figuring it out, and never found the reason. It was like the nail became more and more pink under the material so the regrowth would look white when covered and then turn pink in time... weird...

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