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Oct 22, 2003
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West yorkshire
Hello everyone, :D

Don't know about everyone else but i often get bored of having the same nails and like to change designs alot, I love french (sqare shaped) its probley my favorite but i usually have some kind of nail art over the top, anyway for a change i have been wearing natural and i really like them but they have got ta be really shiny, well they have been growing abit now and you could see my free edge underneath which i don't like. Soooo i decided i didnt want to take them off and i wanted to do something different so i have reshaped them and done a ruby slipper! as inspired by mrs geek when i saw her stilletto metro's last year. This is the 3rd r. slipper i have done, what do ya think?

Is anyone else like me, what do you have on your nails, could anyone put up some photo's aswell, I'm always looking at peoples nails it would be interesting to see some geeks nails. PLEASE put some photo's up!


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They are totally fab :green: :green:
They're beautiful and soooo neat! How on earth do you do them so well on yourself!!!

And you're right! It would be fantastic to see some more pikkies of peeps nails! I looooove getting inspiration from them!
Hi Kelly

They look fab babe just like the pic in the mag..........they are perfect.

Take care Dawnie xxx
oooooh niiiice ! :cool:
They look really really good !


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wow, they look great, i ordered my coloured powders on tue, and i was going to do an amethyst slipper, i can't wait to get them now!!!!

They're absolutely GORGEOUS babe - well done! :green: :green: :green:
They are stunning - top nails....
now you know i love them :D :D

well done they look FAB ;)
wow stunning and very creative lol!!! :D Lurvvv em!!!
Thanks everyone!!!
GREAT job, sweetie! They look fantastic!!
They are really lovely, wish i could do them so well on my own nails!! x
I Love Them Too! :biggrin:
Totally wow babes! I aspire to do something as good as that. As a novice, can you tell me how you do that??
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