nail art changing colour!!


Has this happened to anyone out there or can anyone explain why this happens to me. I use the silver stipe-rite, nsi,nail art paint ,cap it with uv gloss. then when the client comes back for a rebalance its turned GOLD!!
I must admit tho that this happens when the client has been on the sunbed, some thing like this has happened before but with gold rinestone flowers they all changed to different colours. :suprised:


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is it not just yellowing of the top coat hun ?
Or staining ...
I do know what you mean, I have had it with clients with say silver tips come back looking a bit cold, or reds come back looking a bit brown etc....


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Im guessing this is down to the uv from the sunbeds.

When ive used white tips and the girls have gone on the sun beds they have come back and they have gone a mucky stained yellow/brown.

A good buff and they look as good as new with the sealer.

Just to add though, i once paid a fortune from a reputable salon before i was trained and it was P&W (no white tip) went away had a fab time but day by day the colour of my nails was turning murky brown and i swear it was the chlorine in the water.


The coliour of the white tip stays white its just the silver nail art that changes to gold. I use nsi perma gloss so the tip doesn`t stain. It just puzzles me :eek:

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It could be the top gloss you are using is effecting the striper pen and making it go gold. Is it a water based paint the nail art pen?

I use a water based nail art paint and never have this happen to me with silver going gold, so maybe its just what you are using doesn't agree with each other.:rolleyes: Wish i could help more.