Nail Art on Natural Nails?


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Aug 12, 2003
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Hi all. Was just wondering whether you could do nail art on natural nails and whether there is any demand for it?

My reason for asking is that at the moment I'm not qualified to do nail extensions and won't beable to afford to go on Creative's course for this until next year now. :( But I am very interested in doing nail art and didn't want to wait until completing the nail extension course!!

Also what are the best courses and who with for nail art?

Thanks. Tamm
There is nothing to stop you from decorating natural nails in any way you would like.

The nail art does not last as long because the natural nail has more movement and also more oil so paint chips more easily. Also the 'canvas' or surface of the natural nail is not usually perfect as is the surface of a nail enhancement (hopefully) which can mar the finished effect.

The nail needs to be prepared very well to help the paint last longer and a coat or 2 of ridgefiller can help to create a smoother surface before you begin to paint.

As for courses, I always recommend K-Sa-Ra.
I love doing nail art - it's my huge passion!!!!!!!!

I train for K-Sa-Ra who Geeg mentioned. Go on to their website which is and look under training.
I used to do all my nail art on my natural nails before I got into extensions!! I still do when Im not wearing them aswell. I make sure I've taken off any old polish, I prep the nail and use Scrubfresh so the nail is dehydrated therefore the nail varnish will stay on for longer. Then I paint!! Be sure to use as base coat 'cos strong colours can sometimes stain the natural nail!! Not nice! :rolleyes:

There's no reason for you not to do nail art on natural nails. It'd be good practice for you too.
Whatever products you choose to use is up to you, but preparation of the nail plate is essential. I tend to apply either Ezyflow's EzBond or OPI's BondAid and then paint a coat of OPI Nail Envy before I paint on the enamel.
I regularly do airbrushing on several of my natural nail clients and most of the time they come back with it still on afer 2 weeks.
i learned nail art just by looking in nail art books and practising on willing victims. i found nail art books in my local book shops, but you can get them off internet and i think mail order, check Nails magazine. if you learn the basics yourself, when you want to do more advanced stuff you wont waste precious time on a course learning simple stuff. good luck and have fun :D
While you are finding a place to train with go mad on your nails anyones nails for fun even if it is just two people they are advertising what you can do. natural nails can have nail art l always do (i personally can not wear extensions - like rings my hands feel annoyed - makes sense to me - don't worry about it. ha ha) ensure the natural nail is clean and smooth if the client has slight ridges use a ridge filler for a base otherwise a basic base coat. apply main colour if wished not too thick by the time you have finished the last nail ok to to go on. your imagination is all you need some abstract art is brill cause if you do a balls up - work it into the design. always paint the very edge of the free edge which makes like a temporary seal. sometimes l have in the region of 6 colours at once for some of my designs (can't take photo to show don't have a camera) the key with any nail art is allow to dry totally which can take time. or there is a product that is a top coat that you apply one thin layer then cure it under the uv lamp. fantastic as you always get one who fidgets then smudges. some colours together can look fresh and clean as well as funky others can look dirty and minging.
take care hope this helps.
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