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Jan 12, 2003
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Wolverhampton, W. Mids.
Hi, a couple of months ago I helped out a college by doing Bitesize nail art courses. Well, after getting them enough interest to run the courses I am now in line for the job and the interview is next week :pale: I have to take a sample of my work, no problem, do a demo, no problem, and then I have to do a lesson plan :shock: Is there anyone out there that teaches nail art who can give me a any advice. I remember reading also that K-Sa-Ra did courses for people wishing to teach nail art. Has anyone been on one/know if they still do them? ANY advice gratefully accepted.
Thats great news Gloria,
I`m not a teacher YET, (I can dream can`t I?) but I`m gonna give my two penneth worth anyway.
When I did nail art it was at a local adult education centre and it was over 10 weeks.
Each week she showed us a different effect and went around the class watching and helping. Couldn`t you do a plan on the same lines?
Do you know how many weeks the course will run, how many pupils you`ll have and how long the lessons will be? If you know all this it shouldn`t be too difficult to work out a plan along those lines.
Probably not the help you need but I do try (well I`m trying anyway)
Congratulations on getting this far. :D I have recently been on a nail art course and firstly the tutor got us all to paint up at least ten nail tips with wacky colours, we all then gathered around her for demonstrations. :shock:
On week one she showes us flicks, daisies, simple drawing things and glittering. we all then got to practise on our tips. :oops: Weektwo was more intense with rhinestones, foiling, marbling, studs etc etc. we then did a cuple of weeks practising then assessments.
you could always stretch out the techniques over more weeks as we found we wanted to carry on practising a couple of techniques the following week before we learnt any more.

Hope this has been of some help. :rainbow:
How long are the courses ????
Once? a week for how many hours????

Ok this is just off the cuff........
So here it goes................

lesson 1:
You could start with introducing hand painted nail art Tools........
Sponges,Brushes, Dotting tool , different types of paint, aso............
Storing paint tools and cleaning them..........
How to protect nail art, different top coats............
Then pick a tool of your choice for example.........
Sponges = marbling effect, rag rolled effect, crazy french, sponged colour blends.......................
Top coating Art work.......

lesson 2:
Stripes, daisies, swirls, circles and shapes................

lesson 3: ...
Brushes = handpainted colour blends, double loading brushes for two tone effects ................

lesson 4:
Use the Techniques from lesson1 as base colours and lesson 2 techniques to create fantasy nails, flowers aso.

Lesson 5:
use the Techniques from lesson 2 and 3 to create flashes , stripes, flicks on 2 tone background.............

lesson 6:
Foils, Glitter, Gemstones........on different backgrounds, plain or faded.....

lesson 7:
optical illusions...........
Two tone technique to create slimmer nails and enhance with art of their choice...........

lesson 8:
Festive nails.............incooperating learned Techniques

lesson 9:
Bridal nails ..............

lesson 10
Decals, nail jewels, piercing nails, and maybe a little competion with a little price for the best design........... judged by someone not connected to the course...................

just a thought.................
hope this helps
love Ruth xxxx
Hi Girls, thanx for the above help. Ruth your lesson ideas are great :thumbsup: fancy doing the interview on my behalf :D I'm really nervous now and am scared of fluffing it. Apparently for each lesson plan I have to have an explanation of the aim of each lesson, the objective and - constraints :huh: As yet I know nothing about the length of the course or indeed anything about it. Suppose I'll find out eveything on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Once again thanx a million Ruth.
Hi ya Hun,
You will do this no sweat..................
The objective is easy...brush control, colour mixing aso.................. in a save way??? using the tools the right way maybe ???
Using chemical and paints in the correct manner ?????
Not very up on this lol...................

I wish you luck babe, fingers, brushes crossed and lids firmly in place.......

Love Ruth xxxx
Hiya, Just thought I would give you an update on how my interview went - I received a message on my answerphone yesterday saying that I'd got the job and would be getting conformation in the post. :goal: I have to get my teaching cert sorted too - anyone done the 7407? Also I would like to know of any good nail art courses -anyone done the Spangles one day course? I want to brush up my skills (sorry, no pun intended) observe how someone else handles a nail art class, and of course make sure I know everything I should. Finally I have to say a huge Thank-you to Ruth :thumbsup: I incorperated a lot of your ideas into my 'scheme of work' and am really really grateful for your help - youre a star :sunny: (well there wasnt a star) Hope to see you at Excel, I'll be rooting for ya!
Well You did it................ How FAB Is That.................
Glad I could help...........
Brushing up on the arty stuff, well get the K-SA-RA book and practice techniques..............It's a bit like riding a bike...................You just need to play with some paints and it will all come back to ya ...........

Love Ruth xxxxxx
Hi Gloria,

Congratulations on getting the job!

Don't know if you're still open to new ideas, but on my nail art course we spent the first lesson just learning how to do a French manicure free hand, and I've gotta say it's one of the best things I've ever done!

We were shown how to do straight, curved, deep curved, a single v-shape and a double v-shape. We practised on each other and on tips and used them as a basis of all our other nail art work. We soon progressed onto striping brushes and dotting tools and a variation of colours.

French manicure is so popular and I'm really pleased that I took the course. It's nice to know that I now have the confidence to do a freehand French polish.

Good luck - I'm sure your students are going to love you!


Well done Gloria, I`m really pleased for you.
Let us know how you get on with your teachers certificate, I`ve looked into doing it this year but the college has scrapped it and the adult education centre does it on saturdays, der......could have picked a better day
Well done Gloria. Unfortunately I read this message too late to be of any help to you. K-Sa-Ra do many nail art courses and they are well worth doing. As a trainer for them, I've done the freehand, airbrushing and the teacher's training and they were all fantastic.

Sorry it's a bit late but it seems you didn't need my help anyway!!!!!!!

Thanx for everyones nice comments :thumbsup:

Kellie, I want to make sure I have everything covered as well as observe how the tutor takes the class - I want a lot for my money dont I :rolleyes: Would be very interested in hearing about the courses so please pass on any info either here or if too long by pm. Many thanx.
Hi guys,
Just thought I'd give you an update on my new glittering career and how its going aint :evil:
After being told that I'd got the tutor job I was told to wait for further instruction.Weeks later I got sent for a medical because of the car accident, then of course I had to wait. Finally, after ringing non-stop to find out whats going on, I am told "yes, you have been cleared and are on our books". I asked what happens now and guess what - I have to bloody wait. I'm not entirely sure what I'm waiting for here, everytime I ring the office the person I need to speak to is out and of course they dont get back to me.
Yesterday I finally get told that the tutors are already 'in place' and I'm on the reserve list. No-one mentioned this at the interview. I'm livid. One of the women that interviewed me said my lesson plan/scheme of work was fantastic and would I mind if she kept it. I have since found out that she is one of the tutors 'in place' :!: :cus:
I'm supposed to be getting some letter through the post later this week to confirm my 'position' - what position? ......the waiting tutor!!!!
Sorry this has been so long and whinging, just really needed to vent.

OMG...That's awful....I assumed that we hadn't heard from you for a while because you were busy being Miss Teacher - I'm really sorry it's not taking off as planned.

It's not fair of them to mess you around like this...and :puke: to the woman who had the barefaced cheek to ask for your course plans - that's just plan rude and nasty and out of order and is plagerism!!!

I can't say anything to make it better for you....but I can certainly be angry on your behalf....and I am!!

Chin up - they are the ones missing're worth more than them anyway!!

Well love thats just so unfair..............
So she is using your lesson plan???
Well now how badly do you wantto do this........... because if it doesn't matter.........I would have a word..................
Because if thats all she has to show for in talent, pinching someone elses lesson plan, then the lady in questions has, no real talent...........And I would tell her.......... but thats only if you don't mindnot ever working there lol...........
But saying that.................
But hey girl chin time copy write the plan and tell them so..............and you are better then they are so....put it down to expirience and on an forward Hun xxxxxxxxx

love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx
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