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Hi Marsha,

Glad you enjoyed the CND road show.

Doug is the greatest and has been a good friend for many many years.

I'll see him in a couple of weeks as I am coming stateside with Christian (my son and our Marketing Director) to do a 'little business' as they say. So I am going to spend the first Thanksgiving in the states for 30 years with my best friend Rhonda!!!

Maybe you could fill in your profile so we can see where you are from??? and tell us a little bit about you. Anyway, a very warm welcome to this site. I hope we will hear from you often.


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Aug 29, 2003
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Nail Geek,
I just got back form the CND Team Road Show In Tucson Arizona. I met Doug Schoon and got to talking about your web site and he told me to tell you "HI" We talked with him quite a bit and picked his brain. Boy, who would have thought nails were so scientific!! He loves his job and it shows. Team Creative were AWESOME. Can't wait till next year to go to another one.
Thanks for such a great web site.
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