Nail polish, where do you get yours?

Hi all!
Were do you get your nail polishes from, there are soooooo many companies to choose from!!!
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I really like Creative nail enamels....I have some that i have had for years and they are just as good as when i first got them.....they have since been been re-vamped and are now even better than before.

I really like OPI. I feel it is the most durable. I also have Creative that I really like too. Those are really the only two I am using. I am in the US, and I am able to get the OPI at the Cosmo Prof beauty stores. The Creative I have ordered online from Premiere Nail Source.

I only use Creative. I have tried others (OPI, China Glaze, Jessica etc) but have always come back to Creative and would only use them now and highly recommend them:)


I use Creative and OPI.

Ive been using creative for years. I did try jessica once but love creative products,.
You are right though there are so many. I beleive opi, jessica and creative seem to be the popular ones.

im also interested in this topic........ but im looking for where i can buy in bulks or even try b4 i buy. lol

Sometimes on Ebay there are people who salons have gone out of business or something of the sort and they are trying to get rid of retail they have left over and will sell in bulk. Just make sure you buy from a reputable seller and that the items have the packaging in tact.

I use everything. Even the drug store brands, I find that if you've got a good base and top coat, the color is going to stay there weather it cost you a dollar, or 100 dollars.


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I only use Creative polishes. Used OPI for awhile but found they went too thick too fast. Creative polishes never do that.

I absolutely do not agree with above poster that non professional brands last as well as professional .. it just is not true. Plus the other features of a profressional brand such as an excellent brush and coverage and pigmentation etc. I would NEVER use drug-store brands in a professional setting .. how silly .. not only are they not as good but your clients will not be buying form YOU but from the drugstore ... why would anyone running a business do that?

The beauty shows are the best places to pick up different nail varnishes, they usually have the previous seasons colours at cheaper prices, if you dont retail and are mobile like myself they are ideal. Next one is professional beauty London in March,