Nail Polish - which one?


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Aug 2, 2007
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Dorset, UK
Hi All

As you prob know Im just starting out, I want to build up my kit and wondered if there are certain makes of nail polish/nail art pens etc better than others?

Should I spend more money to get a "better product" rather than some of the cheaper high street nail polishes or off e-bay?


Pinkcat x
I would build my collection slowly with key colours, in Nail magazines they usually tell you what is in and what is not.
You need to have french colours and then some staple colours, reds, browns, pinks etc.

I use Creative enamels and find them fabulous.
I have also, on recomendation from another Geek, started trying out a few OPI colours, cant remember the collection, but beautiful colours!!

White nail are very in for this summer, and then of course everybody loves a black enamel! Creative do a lovely black called Voodoo, like patent leather!

hth's a bit xxx
hia!! i use opi and i love them!! start by buying a few key colours as said early like for french ect - you will soon start to see whats popular and what customers are asking for. tori x x
Dont be tempted to buy your nail art pens from ebay! I got what I thought was a good deal but they were rubbish :eek: Spangles do a great range of nail art pens at a reasonable price :)
I tend to buy quality rather than quantity, but when i first started out and needed a good range, i bought a job lot to get me started from ebay.

It had loads of different makes of polish and a wide range of colours, then i got to know what makes i prefered and gradually built up my collection with decent polishes.

I wouldn't go for cheap polishes as they are awful and go thick quick, but if you can get a job lot with good makes in it, then go for it.

I myself love Creative, OPI, Attitude and Toma polishes.
I'm in the process of swapping gradually from high street to salon brands of polish, and the difference is quite amazing. The salon ones are so much better quality and better application. At the moment I've tried Orly and Creative, both are excellent. I'm just getting one or two at a time each time I do an order to replace my other ones.
I use various polishes, mainly Orly, OPI, Cetuem and China Glaze. Oh and Mavala. But tbh I will probably gradually move to 'all China Glaze' or 'all OPI' as it is just so handy being able to pop into Sally and pick up a few extra colours. The thing is, if you are paying trade price, they are not at all expensive. In fact I'm sure you would pay more for a Revlon enamel in Boots than an OPI in Sally :)
I use creative enamel it is brill, i also have some china glaze these are nice too
please don't buy any trade name enamels from ebay as they are very rarely the real deal,
i was bought some creative enamel as a gift from ebay and there is no way on this earth that they are creative, they have loads of little grains in them like sand,
as for colours look in the trade mags or get in touch with the company and ask them what is their most popular shades this season hth
Creative Enamel works great, also when buying pens buy quality, it will cost you a lot more but the results are great!
Thanks all for the advice! x
I use Orly mainly or creative. Makes all the difference using a good quality polish
I'm having real problems with creatives creme puff, only used a few times and it's all thick and gloopy, does anyone know of any good alternatives, only the creme puff

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