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Kayleighs Nail & Beauty Studio

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Jan 8, 2007
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
Hi i ave just opened a new website i am slowly working on it im going to add more pages and information it is missing something on the home page and i just cant quit get what it is..

If you have time come have a look any suggestions would be muchly appreciated..

Thank You
There is nothing there about you, your training, your qualifications, how you got into this field of work , what you like about it , any achievements you have (competitions) completed,
and there is no pictures in your gallery hth
Yeah i think i need to add alot of that on te homepage i havnt quite got round to the gallery yet just getting to grips with how to use it but thanks for your suggestions ill work on it straight away :)
hi im gonna be brutaly honest now. the music freaked me out and put me off couldnt consentrate on the sight also you have in waxing got a few confusng prices of the same thing twice but both different prices. but other wise very nice.
hi doll

check out my website i have made it the same place as yours.

I wouldnt have your prices as the page that opens first.

Have a look around at the web sites the other geeks on here have done. it will give you some ideas on what to incude on you pages and what order.
I'd remove the games and blog bit. It looks unprofessional IMO (sorry)

You need a section about you

Where you work, what quals you have, how long you been doing it, etc

Hope this helps!!

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