nails have come off.


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Aug 21, 2007
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Worksop, Notts
I have just had a new client phone up, on friday from tues, so the free 3 day repair is at the deadline. She has said 2 of her nails have come off at work, but i dont think they have, i think she has been careless, but i still have to go & fix them. She was in no rush to book in for refills.
Anyway, the annoying thing is, she has never been told to use cuticle oil by the salon, which seems to be a regular thing with salon clients, so i think my advice & little freebie oil has gone in one ear & out the other, so i think that is maybe why they have come off...through neglect.
The product i have used, the edge, does not fall off the nail, it has to be removed,it just usually lifts if anything, so i know they will not have just fallen off.
Maybe they were too long. Can anyone give me some tips on why they may have `just falling off`.
I think though that when i tell her i will have to charge her in the futrure for repairs after this, i dont think i will see her for dust.
Does anyone know why they may have fallen off please,
Hi Laura
I used to use edge but found lifting was too much hassle!! Also if bulb was on it's way out the full sets i did never seemed to stay on, a few would fall off and some wud be welded on - very hard to tell when they have been cured ok but as soon as i changed my bulb hey presto all was ok! I Use NSI now and i just seem to prefer it. HTH


If you wipe over the nail with a dehydrator like scrub fresh (or the type that makes the nail go a chalky white) you will be able to tell if there were marks where the nails appeared to be picked off! I they just fell off then the nail will still look smooth after you have wiped over with the de-hydrator product.

I have never used the edge product so dont know if this is common but i dont really have this problem with the Bio Sculpture gel that I use.

Haven't used The Edge products but I would say, if you consider that they "usually" lift then either the product isn't that good or your application needs tweaking.

Can you run through your prep routine briefly? :) We can see if it gives us any pointers
oeys advice is brill, when you wipe over the nail, the tell tale signs will be there if the nail has been picked at or pulled off!! then they usually admit that they had a little help 'falling off'

i used the egde products during training, i dont rate them much, but even as a very beginner basic novice tech, none of mine ever 'just fell off' well 2 people tried telling me they did and i was distraut, but the tutor wiped over their nails the next day and showed them the stress marks where theyd been pried off and they both admitted it!!

if your having lifting probs , maybe your prep needs tweaking as blossom said?

hope you get it sorted hun xxxx
i also agree with oey(theresa).but also as blossom said it may be your application or prep.i would definately do the dehydration thing first as its the quickest way to get a result.if you do see marks then you will know its not your application or prep.i hate clients like this though,esspecially as you said about them being in a rush for infills.some people always try things as they dont want to pay.there will always be people like that.good luck
Get rid of that 3 day deadline thingy would be my advice as well! Why is it your responsibility to repair nails that she has maybe bitten, slammed in a drawer, pinged off on a ring-pull can...etc?

Give your clients advice on managing their new nails, sell them a bottle of oil, then after they walk out your door they're on their own.

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