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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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Looks like a regular sharp and shiny polish manicure is not enough these days. If it's not teeny-tiny balls or glitter, it's 3D nail art or wraps. Now, nail artist and expert Sam Biddle has thrown her 'alternative manicure' into the beauty ring and launched the Velveteen Manicure as part of her beauty brand, Original Sugar.

The soft, velvet nail coat comes in twelve durable and waterproof colours. The velvet effect is created by adding fine fibres to a wet top coat before leaving to dry.

As ever we love to hear from you, the geek jury. Is it rad or bad? Hot or not?

Let us know!

Until then...geek on!

The Ed.


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I think this could be really interesting. I'd like to try it out and see what its really like
after seeing lots of photos of this stuff on facebook
I was looking at a pile of efiled nail art i removed from a nail art wheel thinking ... i could use this.
I do like textured effects but im not yet sold on this ...........
im sure it will have its moments though as these things normaly do .
Ordered this already, can't wait to try it, i love the look!
I read about this in this month's edition of Beauty Salon News where Sam writes the Nail pages articles and described this on your nails as having "10 little comfort blankets" because it's so touchable!

I really love the look of this personally, and cannot wait to try it. How popular it will be will my clients remains to be seen, but I do love all things that are just a little bit different. :green:
Just received mine and can't wait to try it.
Anyone tried it with Shellac?
Can't wait to see what you all think. I have already tried a couple of SAMs other things the sugar styler and the pen couldn't get on with either lol so thought I would wait on this one x
Would they not get dirty?
It's nicer looking than the caviar nails. Is it really fluffy tho ? Or is it bits of poly? X
I like it. Just not sure its its wearable.
Dare I say it, oh what the heck - it looks like a brillo pad!
Now you have said that I can see it, but only on other photos I have seen. The purple one above actually looks pretty.
Anymore on how this wears?? not that i am wanting to do it i just struggle to see how this is even practical to wear in everyday life getting wet, getting dirty surely its a breeding ground for bacteria? anyone whos wearing or worn it care to comment?

Reminds me of turf.
You see I loved it but all I can see is a Brillo now lol x

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