Nails splitting and cracking HELP!


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Jun 7, 2007
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bathgate, scotland
Hi all,

As some may know i'm still in training with creative. Well here's the thing. My dad approached me tonight with a nail "problem" he's having. Recently my dads nails have been getting verticle ridges in them. The problem is as soon as he's got the slightest free edge those ridges crack/break up the ridges and his nails have started to peel. Looks very painfull as they are cracking/breaking up into the nail bed. He was looking at me with such hope that i could help him solve the problem and i hadn't any idea what to tell him. I've given him a bottle of solaroil and told him to use it religously to try to get moisture into his nail, but was honest that i really didn't know the answer. I promised him i would do my best to find out what might be causing it, so here i am. I don't know if it could be a dietry problem? My dads a safe engineer but has been for 15 years so i can't see that this is causing it as its only recent. His diets the same as always, his activities are the same, i really can't think of what it could be. He pretty much takes care of him self pretty well, always using his oil of ulay every morning (so his hand are always in contact with moisturiser), eats well etc.
I know we shouldn't diagnose a problem and we should send people to the doctors but i'm here as a fellow tech asking for "suggestions" not definate diagnosis. Any idea's would be appreciated. sorry for this being so long winded.

just been looking on the net about this problem. came across a condition called onychorrhexis that sounds identicle to my dads problem. anyone know anything about it? the information i found suggested its possible that it could be caused by excessive expose to the cold, chemicles etc, but it also said it could be a symptom of an underlying medical problem :eek:. am i reading into this all wrong?
it hard to give advice with out seeing the nails, but as we get older we do loose oils in our nails than can create vertical ridges and make the nails very brittle thus peeling and cracking, giving him the solar oil is the best thing you could have done, please don't read to much into it ie think your dad has something major wrong see if the oil works or post us all a pic xx hth

and don't worry xx
thanks clare for such a quick reply.

I do tend to always think the worst possible things. lol thats just me. Makes perfect sense what your saying as my dads in his late 40's and he works with his hands day in day out so wouldn't surprise me if there just needing some nail juice (solaroil) lol. i'll wait and see how his nails go with the solar oil (before i tell him he's dying :lol:) but any idea how quickly you could expect to see an improvement? only wanting an estimate as i know everyone's different.

thanks :)
you could try buffing the nails, as this will help to bring down the height of the ridge, and may make it less likely to split and crack.
I see an improvement in peoples natural nails with in a couple of week when they start using solar oil, I had my enhancement off for 6 weeks recently and used the oil twice a day, normally mine are very thin and brittle (why I wear enhancements lol) and within a couple of weeks my nails were the toughest they have ever been not a peel in sight ...wonderful stuff... no don't go buying a black hat just yet lol bless him
Thanks for your replys. i'll try buffing and the solaroil and see how it goes. if it gets any worse i'll get pics for u's to see. thanks again!

i overlay a gentlemans thumb nail to stop the vetical split in his nail, (had it most of his adult life, keeps spliting as soon as he gets a slight free edge and could split quite far up his nail) but he is retired so doesn't do any work with his hands. The NNO overlay work like a treat, just clear L&P buff up to Koala shine, no-body notices it and he can forget about it.

my nan has the same prob on one of her nails...that was from a sewing machine ....she sewed her finger to her curtains...straight through her nail...always gets a ridge now, splits if it gets too long, if you give your matrix area a bang at some point it may always grow out with a ridge in the future.
Not sure if i could convince my dad that no one would notice lol. I had thought of that but decided by dad would not agree to have it done lol. Men and there macho mind lol. Thanks for the suggestion though. :)

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