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Sep 28, 2012
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South Wales
Hi salon geeks I am just starting up my new business mobile hairdressing, and would like some help with choosing between two names.One being Hair by Trisha or Hair Care by Trisha :rolleyes:if anyone could help which one is the best one to use commercially i would be grateful. I really love this forum it is so helpful and with not being salon based now, it doesn't feel so lonely.
Your first choice is much easier to remember. Hope this helps.:biggrin:
Just to put you back in the same
Position and be unhelpful ;) I'm going to say the second one.
I see it as a

by Trisha

Sort of thing and I like that. And it makes me think you will definitely look after my hair lol.

Laura xx
If you are going to have a website, I would look into that. Hairbytrish is already taken, but haircarebytrish isnt. x
I think 'hair by' sounds tacky and doesn't have a ring to
Social media should be your first port of call when choosing a name. You want to make sure that you have consistency and are easy to remember across all platforms so as well as checking for a website domain name you also want to make sure your name is available on the big social media websites - Facebook, pintrest, twitter, foursquare, instagram, LinkedIn and blogger. Even if you don't use these apps, claim the name now cause you never know where you might be in 12 months. For the sake of SEO your domain name should give an indication of what you do!

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Hair Care by Trisha sounds better to me!
Thankyou salon geeks for advice on my business name :biggrin:
I prefer Hair Care by Trisha.

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