Natural looking sculptured nails and Form fitting


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Miss Pink23

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Feb 3, 2008
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How do you guys make the free edge look more natural when using a pink or clear acrylic with forms?
I dont normally use forms, but have been playing around with them and although I like using them I do find that the free edge is transparent and therefore not natural looking. If I mixed in a little white powder would that help?
Also, when it comes to the fitting of the forms, I am struggling to get the curvature correct underneath. I feel that when I fit it under the little bit of natural free edge it sits more straight (well with my nails anyway) and thus creates a lesser curve underneath. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Firstly I find using a good form helps, them gold cheap forms I find are awful, get good ones which you can mould and actually stick. Then makesure you are rolling your form before fitting once fitted when you look down barrel of the nail it should fit snug, no gaps.

You can custom blend any powder, try using a natural powder for your free edge as opposed to clear, I find sculpting to be more natural looking on the majority of nails if done correctly. xx
Geeg has a recipe for a natural free edge if you you a search. I think it's a mix of natural, soft white and a tiny bit of yellow

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