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Sep 20, 2015
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South Dakota
I am having all my clients fill out client consultation forms... Just a few basic things so I can send promos and thank you letters, recognize their birthday ect... I am so shy about asking them to fill out the form.. I feel like I am burdening them with homework with just even a few questions... How do I ask them to fill them out? Do I just hand them the clip board when they sit down? I should have started doing this a long time ago but am just down jumping on the band wagon.. One client was already disgruntled saying she has been coming here for a year already and why did she need this?? I explained to her and she was okay with it but I just feel like it will scare them... Please any advice!!
You could always just hand them the clip board and say something like "we are starting a new filing system, please fill this out so that we can send you discounts and let you know about what specials we are running."
How about saying you've changed your insurance and you're now required to hold a completed consultation card for new and existing clients - said with a smile and a roll of the eyes if need be :)
Great ideas thank you
And its a good confidence builder for you and may help you to overcome your shyness; the more you do it, the easier it will become [emoji3]
I don't know what your business is, but I always tell my clients that, apart from being for their own safety so I have all the information, keeping a record of the treatments they have had means if they remember a certain nail colour that they liked or a mix of aromatherapy oils but haven't had them for a while and they would like them again, I can look it up easily and keep them happy. Any form filling feels like a chore (even to us!) but pays dividends in the end ;)
I very appoligetically say, ' I know you have been seeing me for ages but I've just changed my filing system so can I ask you to fill out one of these'
On mine I also have a box they have to tick to 'opt in ' to receiving marketing texts / offers etc. I think I read somewhere that failure to 'opt out' of marketing info isn't the same as opting in!
After I finish with the service, or while they are processing , I'll start writing out my color formula, and I'll ask them their info. And I'll write it in for them. I'll let them know that I keep up with their exact hair color formula, so if ever they want something different, I can adjust it. If they aren't getting a color service, I still write down their info for them. They are almost always happy that I'm spending time and effort to keep good records for them. Also, at the end of the week I send out thank you cards to any new clients that I did that week, even for a mans haircut. That will most like,y be the one thing that will set u apart from others. The client will b grateful , and it can easily turn a chair hopper into your new regular client !

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