needy geek can anyone help me please need a polish from CND


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May 12, 2006
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Hi all,i know its a hectic time of the year for you but wounderd if any geeks who use CND polish has got a certaing polish for sale,one of my few clients has just asked me to get it as she goes to barbados next week and would like this colour on her toes.I dont think if i order it now will it get here in time,then theres vat and postage just for 1 polish.
So has any of you fab geeks got one for sale please,if you have can you let me know and i will pay the P+P and polish price.
The colour is CND 332 Souveneire junkie
or has anyone got something on those lines of colour and qaulity please i could buy?

Many thanks if iv posted in the wrong place im sorry n your welcome to remove but we have no geekbat wanted anymore

Thanks for reading guys xx:hug:
I am 99% sure i have that one at the salon unused, if i have i will pop it in the post for you tomorrow am and let you know i have posted it tomorrow evening if that is of any use to you,
i will still have your address somewhere from the ss
aww thanks that wud be great let me know how much i owe you n i will get it to you asap xxxxx thanksssssss

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