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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
Thought I would let you all new... We seem to be cooking on gas as of late (I think in a large part thanks to the editorial in Nails that came out earlier this week).

  • Tonight we had a record of 19 people on line all at the same time.
  • Posts within the last 30 days: 1,785
  • Posts within the last week: 481
  • Last 24 hours: 101

woo hoo :thumbsup:
people are now finding out what a great board this is now and it's all thanks to you geek

a big thank you for such a wonderful board keep up the good work

:thumbsup: :salute:
this board should come with a health warning...........

You will find this very addictive
but it's a must for your clients health
BTW it also explains why I have got dark circles under my eyes, so many posts so little time before bed.

But hey all I can say is: "this board is the mother of all boards, the coolest place in cyberspace, uniting Techs all around the world.
No bickering, no back biting, no stabbing in the back, the true board for the true professional"

I think the fab figures speak for themselfs

Great job Sam
love Ruth xxxx
I agree with you Ruth, this board is addictive. I find myself checking it a couple of times a day :shock: there's always something new to learn and try......
how on earth did i cope before i found this board.what did i do with my evenings and spare moments :shock: ,.i got the dark circles to but my nails 8) :D looking good.thanks to this board .god how on earth would i have got past my nightmares of sidewalls and apexs :silly:
hi ya...this board is fantastic, i also check it several times a day...its so much betta than msn and yahoo that only get a few new msg's every day...i lv it, tis my favourite...vicx
Yup ... you really have done a great job Samuel (GMG) but for you:
I would be really retired!!
And my husband would have a companion!
But instead of being bored as he goes to sleep in his chair at night in front of the telly ...
I am 'aboard' your board!!
Love you, son!
In agreeance with you all here. If ever you have a problem, boy do you get some answers :D

I think it's fair to say there is a slight slant in Creative's favour, but considering Sam and Samantha just ooze those Creative 'C's and are so very passionate about CND, I do feel they try to reply in as unbiased a way as possible. Fair play to you both I think we are all so extremely lucky to have such fantastic information available to us within such short times of posting.

It is an open site where all views are welcome, I love you all :goal: (yeah!!)

God I feel like I should have the national anthem playing in the background or something ;)

Dellie ;)
i love this bored, i have learnt so much over the past few weeks it has made the world of differennce to my training,and it inspires me that even though i am not brill at the minute i will be one day(hopefully!!)
keep it up!!!
:D hi all, just had to agree with you all this site is wicked,i dont know where i would be with out it! i also thinks it great to meet people who love the same things as myself!
you all are so lovly and helpful!
with love
trace xx[/b]
This board is 100% addictive - have to keep checking for your postings cos I don't want to miss anything! Loads of great people on here with lots of info to share :D
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