New start! Best colour brand?

I want to know what brand you prefer for overall brilliant coverage I was trained with Inoa and Dia but I want to of any brands that your use!!

I'm branching off on my own and want to start off completely with the only intention of doing this right so any advice would also be appreciated!! :D

never had any problems with wella :) x

I use well a and love it but I find the reds and purples are sometimes not as bright as I like and tend to use semi or crazy colour for a brighter look
Anyone can recommend any I appreciate any advice on other brands also :)

Love Love Schwarzkopf <3


They have a neew range out called colorworx its amazing ! Basically made for pre lightened hair ! Reds purples pinks etc

They have a neew range out called colorworx its amazing ! Basically made for pre lightened hair ! Reds purples pinks etc
Great I'll check it out thanks


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I love milk_shake


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@Holly Oakes I think that most brands generally work, the important thing is knowing how they work inside out. Thats not to say 'stick to what you know' and don't try different things, but just think about the training aspect of things. I mostly use L'Oreal day to day in the salon, and I know it would take me a long time to re-train to the same level if we converted all our colours to wella for example.

Having said that I do think it is good to try out other brands.

For prelighteners, my favourites are Wella Blondor Soft Blonde for on scalp lightening because it it gentle on the scalp and doesn't dry. For a powder lightener Blondor Powder is also nice, for a stronder powder I'd use L'Oreal Multitechniques. I use the other lighteners L'Oreal Freehand techniques for soft balayage and Platinium for strong balayage.

Toners I really like Redken Shades EQ gloss. It's a really nice acidic toner, day to day I use L'Oreal Dialight which I think is pretty good.

Permanent colour I use INOA too and I like the effect it has on the hair. Wella Koleston perfect leaves the hair really shiny and is a nice product to work with.The Wella high lift shades are great too.

Day to day I use Diarichesse as a demi, I like Wella Colour Touch too, they have some different tones than L'Oreal.

Direct dyes wise I like Joico Color Intensity for Vivid tones.

I'd start by trying different products one thing at a time. For the most basic colours you can generally get them with any brand, but in each line you will have your favourites.


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I currently use Inoa.

I'm really struggling with grey coverage.

I'm looking to change over to Wella. They have more beautiful colours than majirel. I find majirel a bit bland choice.

I must admit I love Wella! I was trained in Wella & haven't looked at swapping to any others! I am so pleased with their colour ranges! They have illumina colours & I find they come out looking really natural! I just love Wella! X