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Sep 20, 2007
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going to put some packages together for the New Year, as people are seeking a change, ie stop over indulgence, go on a diet, detox, etc.

But although I've got some ideas, I am becoming a bit confused with myself!!! (doesn't take much!). Not only confusing about what to put into it, but confusing how to word it, so any suggestions, gratefully received. Want to get an order off to vistaprint.

So firstly, was thinking of doing a

Health MOT
tongue diagnosis
check ears with otoscope
auricular acupuncture for detoxing major organs
reflexology (although cannot diagnose, can create balance)

then was thinking of doing a

Balance Detox
something like:-
chakra balance
auric cleanse (with crystal eggs or spheres)
hopi ear candles
exfoliation or body wrap

Detox Diva
algae exfoliation and body wrap
holistic facial

so, what combinations would be good, and how to entice those clients to book?

Can also offer

  • dry skin body brushing,
  • dry-powder massage (a body polish and aids lymphatic drainage),
  • algae exfoliation, algae body wrap,
  • hopi ear candles (inner cleanse),
  • reiki, tibetan head (brain detox)
  • crystal healing, chakra balance, auric cleanse (positive energy)
  • auricular acupuncture (detox protocol)
  • holistic facial (skincare)
  • tongue diagnosis (major organs can show imbalances on the tongue)
I can check the condition of the ears with an otoscope and tell if theres a build up of waxy deposits in the ears.

Hope this brings up some ideas for you too, and looking forward to a healthy discussion and come up with some fab combinations and mouth-watering seductive descriptions.

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