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talented talons

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Mar 24, 2004
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Just had to share with all you newbie's who feel like they aren't getting anywhere with their smile lines, you will do it.

I have finally found a product that works great for me. I trained with Star Nails and always had a problem in the beginning with my smile lines. (as we all do)

By finding a product that works better for me my whole look of nails has improved dramatically. The pics below show the results of my 1st L&P, which were dire to say the least. Then 2nd pic shows me using EZ Flow's L&P on my practise hand Hettie.

You just need to find the right product that works for you and have plenty of practise. If i can do it any one can. I have been doing this since January and finally feel like i'm getting it.:)

Hi Wendy,

What a difference - you will no doubt inspire so many newbie geeks to keep going. Well Done!
Well done they're very good! :) and you can see the difference.

What technique did you use for the smile? Did you do anything different?
Well done they look fab keep up the good work.

Take care Dawnie x
Hi Tamm,

i just applied my bead in the centre of zone 1 but not too near where i wanted it, to leave room for gently pushing the product in the right place. i always work from the centre out to one side then the other. One thing i changed from what i was taught, was i now don't wipe my brush in between pushing the product as then you have the help of the monomer left in your brush to keep the bead moveable for longer.

I've just found with EZ Flow it just feels creamier in consistancy to what i was using so easier for me to put itwhere i want it.

Hope this helps.

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