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Apr 3, 2009
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West Sussex
I am a mobile technician and have just arrived at a clients house as arranged to find that she is not there (this is now the 2nd time it has happened although with a different client!!!)

After the previous occasion I have started sending a text 24hrs before to confirm their appointment which seemed to be working until tonight!

What do you other mobile technician's do to ensure this doesn't happen again?

Thank you
Hi there:

I used to have some problems with this, unti I started a free online calendar for bookings called Clickbook net. It sends reminders etc. to your clients 24-72 hours before appointments and you can set up all your services in it for FREE! I have used it for 6 months and its awesome. I noticed a huge reduction in no shows and have recommended it to friends too.

Good luck!

I've used for a while now and its a good suggestion, it defo helps with the no show situation, then theres no excuse!!
just checked out clickbook. Looks pretty nice! I was about to buy a software... looks like this will help me out, because I have problems with no shows too :(
I don't know how your laws are, but I (not mobile though) have a cancelation fee and a no-show fee, and because I have this written every where and tell my new clients I'm allowed to send a bill if they don't show.
I would say notify your clients that the treatment has to be paid even if they are not there, and throw in a bill (if it's possible re. laws) they might not pay, but just the "threat" will help to prevent this...

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