Non-Standard Salon next door has moved... YIPPEE!!!!!!


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Jun 30, 2003
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Wow what a great week I've had!, Tuesday I was soooo disheartened, money worries getting me down, earnings at the salon at an all time low, and there I was considering the fact that I may have to go back to accounting :(
Come in Wednesday morning and the guy that owns the salon where I rent space is hopping up and down and dragging me out front, when I look next door, they've gone!!!
Apparently so i've found out the shop's lease was up some time ago and they were kindof squatting!, anyway, they'd put a sign up on the window apologising to customers for not letting them know sooner blah blah blah and provided their new address (just five mins away but off the high street), so what did I do?.... yep, I covered it with my signs and new special offers :) and promply put a sign on their door giving a full run down of MMA, drills, non-standard salon practices etc etc and listed a few web site addresses for facts to be checked :D

They (the staff) turned up at lunch time and tore all my stuff down, but when they left I put them all back again from a supply I had all ready to go! We played cat and mouse like that until the new tenants arrived this morning.... oh what fun we had!

We've been so busy all week we haven't even had lunch! We've soaked off countless MMA nails and have loads of MMA questionaire's completed ready to go into our local licencing office :twisted:

on another note... I contacted our local paper last week and they seem interested in possibly doing a piece on non-standard salon's, I told her about samuel and the watchdog programme so she's going to watch that and give me a call on Wednesday, so lets hope it airs!

So anyway, here I am, Friday night, absolutely shattered but a very happy bunny :D

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