Nouveau v Hollywood lashes


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Nov 9, 2009
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Hi Skin Geeks:hug:

I am a Nail Technician, and I have decided I would really like to start offering False Lashes as a New Treatment.:eek:

I have been reading a few post on here and Nouveau and Hollywood lashes seem to be popular. Could you lovely geeks please tell me who you use, and who you would recommend. I live in Leeds.

Thank You

Tracie xxx
Hiya - I've been through this dilemma for a couple of weeks now - so am well used to trawling eyelash threads lol!:green:
I wrote up a list (advised by fellow geeks!) of pros and cons of my shortlist.

Nouveau came up very highly rated and they were good on the phone with me.
I felt Hollywood branding was a bit naff to be honest (sorry)

I didn't go with Nouveau because they wanted another training day and I live in the IOM - so even more money...
SO - I researched and the Geeks seemed to really like AH Francis!!

I checked out their site, I rang them up - they were wonderful and then today a lovely pack came through the post with stuff I could even use in my salon if I was trained!!! They have courses all over - but in the North Stockport and Lancashire.

I also was drawn in by their 'Express lashes' and fab branding as it is another string to my bow and also party lashes. Apparantly their service is brill (which it was when I called them) and products excellent...

Let us know how you go!!:green:
Hi hpv73

Thank you for getting back to me, I was starting to think I would get no replies lol

It is so difficult making the decision of who to go with, it is not cheap you don't want to make the wrong choice and waste money.

I have been trying to call Nouveau today but no answer, Do you know how much the training is and the Kit?

I am going to look at AH Francis too now lol

I will defo let you kno how I get on, I am hoping to do the training next week, I really want to do it before Christmas.

Thank You again


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