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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
What's the general consensus on almond oil. I use Solar Oil, Manicure, Balm and fact I just love it (ok :rolleyes: ).

Anyway, these all contain almond oil, which of course is a nut. Now a nut to me and probably the majority of people is just something I love!! However, to the odd few (maybe more) this little beauty becomes one massive nasty BEAST :twisted:

My question then becomes 'are these products Beauty or Beast'?

Would really like to know because I actually do like my clients :D

This has come up before and we have consulted our chemist Doug Schoon on the issue. He says that unless clients are planning to 'Eat' the Solar manicure products there is very little chance of harm.

I would tend to leave it up to the client. There is no more likely hood of a client suffering a reaction to Almond Oil than any other chemical contained in any other Beauty product. :) The Geek may add more.
Very good way of putting it Gigi.

Most people who are have nut allergies do not go into shock by touching a peanut.
SolarOil is a topical oil that will seldom (if ever) cause a problem with someone who has a nut allergy.

Saying that though... its always best to follow Dr's advice in such a serious issue such as this. :spidey: (look... i used the spiderman icon!)

Thanks guys, never really thought of it like that before............however, in secret those delicious Solar products just smell soooooooooo divine that heaven only knows how I manage to keep them from my luscious (yeah :rabbit: ) lips.

With regards to Geegs and Samuels post , this is written with a large voddy and Orange in hand :hic:
I am pleased that you are confident that you could use the Solar products even if a client suffers from a nut allergy. But what about other manufacturers of Almond Oil based Nail Products, and we must include those too :?:
But I thought, that what ever you apply to the skin would be absorbt into the boodstream, even if it is only the smalles particle. So what if the client has a severe nut allergy??
So true to my nature, which is very inquisitive and I want to make absolutly sure that I have all the facts, so I can serve my clients to the absolut best of my abilities,no disrespect to Doug Schoon or Gigi or Samuel, I wrote to the Allergy Foundation and here is what they had to say...............but also Sam, I have a very high allergy to penecillin, but I can hold a tablet in my hand no problem, I only have a problem when it enters my blood stream :D :D :D
So I thought lets get in contact with someone that would surely know, the Alllergy Foundation as it is there job to know about things like this. So here is what they wrote to me...........

Date: 02/04/2003 10:47:13 GMT Standard Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hello Ruth & Faye

Thank you for your enquiry.

Refined oils are not usually a problem for people with nut allergies as the nut protein is broken down in the refining process but this is not a 100% guarantee. Unfortunately, many of the oils used in the cosmetic industry are not refined oils.

For anyone who has a severe nut allergy, it can only take 1 molecule of the allergen to trigger the reaction. You will also need to bear in mind that traces of oil could remain on surfaces within the treatment room so thorough cleaning measures would need to be in place to avoid cross contamination.

As well as almond oil, there might be other nut oils which might need to be avoided. One to watch out for is Arachis (peanut) oil. Please also note that some people can be allergic to peaches, avocados and grapes, too, although the nut allergies tend to be more severe reactions.

Probably your best course of action is to find out from your clients whether they have any allergies and the severity of their reaction and be guided by them. Couple this with very good hygiene policies to avoid possible cross contamination.


Karen Whatrup

Deputy Information Manager

Allergy UK

Office: 020 8303 8525

Helpline: 020 8303 8583

[email protected]

Love Ruth :flower:
It's always so comforting to know that ones advice is sound ... The sweet almond oil contained in solar Manicure products is used for for fragrance and is highly refined and is the lightest that can be bought. Same goes for the other oils contained in the products.

As I said, be guided by your client - I have used it on Doug Schoon's advice (he did invent the product) on a few people who have told me they have a nut allergy and have never had a problem. IF THE CLIENT IS NERVOUS ABOUT IT ... don't use it.

We're not talking about a huge percentage of the population here. In 15 years I think I came across this allergy only 3-4 times. ;)
What's the general consensus on almond oil. I use Solar Oil, Manicure, Balm and fact I just love it


If the Technician is nervous about it.............don't use it.

These qoutes must the best advice on this subject.
At leat we can rest assured that Solar Oil is safe. I love the stuff, every time I use it, I want to have a cup of coffee and a danish pastry.
The Nut allergy must be a London City thing then, I have 17 clients that suffer from this. It always comes to light here, when they fill in the client record card. does anyone else use them???
Hey another Topic lol
Gigi you can start this one(hey dont we make a great team) love ya

Love Ruth
It always comes to light here, when they fill in the client record card. does anyone else use them???

I have always used client record cards i was under the impression you had to for insurance purposes also nice to know there date of birth and things, besides knowing there allergies and medical history
You would be amazed,not all Salons use them...................
Not rubbishing anyone in the Chinese or Korean run Salons, but in my expirience they dont.
We have in East London quiet a few, discount Salons and none of them use the record cards. but most of them dont speak english either,still use MMA and dont have propper Drill training.
It would be really cool to hear from someone that works in a Chinese or Korean run Salon and comment on this.
Love Ruth
*cough cough hollywood nails cough cough*


Layla we know who they are dont we lol !!!!!
And they have closed down now.
Love Ruth
The one in colchester hasnt!! Its still there..still poisoning fresh clean air...GET A BL***Y VENTILATOR!!! Grrr I jus pull evil faces everytime I go past it.

i went over my local shops this morning ( consits of about 4 shops and 9 empty ones)
and i saw oriental people fitting out a shop and when i looked above there was a sign i had to laugh it said AMERICAN NAILS well they wont be around long as the tanning beauty and nail shop close by to that has shut down, and that was open about two months. The people by me are not all the type for getting nails done.
hell i wont even go out after dark :shock:
faye x
We have an American Nails chain in Sydney, Australia. About 5-6 salons across the city. All techs are Asian. 2 techs per customer - one doing each hand... how's that for consistency.

Their service menu states they are not responsible for "infection nails, mess-up polish" etc (worded just like that).
I have just laughed myself off my seat after reading your messages :rofl: As you say Ruth, I'm not one for slagging off other salons but you are sooooooo right. Obviously, as I live near you I know exactly the the shops you are talking about and they will wear a bloody mask themselves but they don't flippin offer you one, do they? :evil:

I'm so glad that Hollywood Nails have closed down - it means more business for me :D Yay!!! I did hear that ANOTHER Chinese run salon was opening up in Ockendon but I can't see it staying open for long - mind you I didn't think the one in Grays would either!

Btw, when are you coming for your airbrush training?
Their service menu states they are not responsible for "infection nails, mess-up polish" etc (worded just like that).

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