one piece of advice please!!!


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Miss Waterliy

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Nov 4, 2007
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Hey everyone i am embarking on my first salon in april my partner and i have just purchased a completely derilict building and have started the regeneration. (god i am sooooo excited!!!)

I was hoping to tap into all of your expert knowledge so i ask this question
If you had to give me one piece of advise for my salon start up what would it be????? xx:idea:
oh how exciting

good luck with it all
Thankyou.x somebody must have some advise some valuble lesson to impart with me!!!!??? xxx
Whatever you have budgeted for cost wise ... at least DOUBLE it!
Allow yourself a reasonable budget for advertising, you'll need to get yourself known :D
Be confident in your abilities - if you do not at least appear to be confident then your clients will have no confidence in you either - it is a win win situation - be confident - clients will be confident in your abilities and recommend you :green:
If you are going to you rent out rooms chairs ect ,
always make sure you like the person you have to work with
and always give them a 3 months trial period first .

After that if you do keep them on always have a legal contract drawn up and include any stipulations that you may have for renting .

If you decide employ people always do the 3 months trial period Again
then a contract of employment making sure all their job roles and responsibilities are written down down in black and white

Be a firm but fair boss ,
give team work recognition incentives to motivate your staff

Well thats more than one thing LOL x
but its only about one subject .

Good luck for your new shop ,
and don't forget the before and after piccies :hug: x

One piece of advice - don't buy everything you 'think' you want immediately.

:eek: I've used my parafin wax bath 5 times in 4 years

:eek: I've never used my airbrush

:eek: I do maybe one nail art client a week, but probably 20% of my spends went on nail art supplies at one point. It's all collecting dust in the drawers no matter how hard I push it

:eek: If a client mentioned something I'd buy it to ensure I had it if they asked for it, more often or not, they'd never mention it again and I'd be left with unused stock/items/junk.
Licenses/code enforcement/fire dept.


Sleeping pills, for the first year I would stare at the ceiling and not fall asleep.

Don't forget your time, make time to relax and breathe.

extra building keys/ alarm system

chocolate, for me when I visit :lol:

pink tool kit for those quick in between jobs/hanging pictures

first aid kit

fire extinguisher

Sorry, more than one,

I hope it's better than what you hoped for..
Good Luck...
Go out immediately and stock up on wine and chocolate.
For when things aren't going as smoothly as planned (ie the carpenter didn't turn up, the ad in the paper missed it's print run etc) and then for when it's all done to celebrate.
Lots of good advice above.
I'd add......
Double the amount of storage space and towels you think you'll need.
Trust nobody, that way there's no nasty surprises.
Keep on top of the cleaning tasks - clients notice these things (and tell others)
I like to keep my windows nicely dressed and constantly change the decor according to the seasons, special occasions (Valentine's, Mother's Day) etc. etc. which makes people stop, look, and take note.

Good Luck and this time next year, you'll look back at this thread and wondered why you were so anxious.
When you find good staff value them and treat them as well as you would want to be treated yourself dont take advantage of them.
At the same time remember they work for you and are employees and not friends, always keep that respectful distance.Along the same lines i would never employ friends.At least not full time.
Angelaznailz, trust no one, that is superb.
I have that on my graffitti wall/ excellent!!!!

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