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Mar 24, 2006
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Has anyone bought this package and have you got extra business through the website ?

I believe to get your salon listed on website you have to buy the package otherwise you just can't get listed. It seems like a good deal anyway but I didn't want to spend so much in one go as funds a bit tight !

Also are the OPI pedi products cooling or warming ? ATM I just stock the laquers and using up my Creative stock before I change to mani/pedi products, have got the rep coming to see me soon but wanted your opinions to.
Juliette,i got my "complate package" before the offer came into affect,and that was 4 and a half years ago,so cant comment on that:confused:

However as for the web site,im not listed on it and have asked to be:mad::irked:

In fact,i know several salons that arent listed!

As for the pedicure products...well i dont rate them really,and i do herzog oxygen treatments,then lacquer on the toes.If i had the funds i would do creative pedicures,but as you know,money is being ploughed elsewhere...:green:

The pedicre treatments are cooling rather than warming...so stick with the raw earth...but thats just my opinion:)
Thanks Gabi, My rep said I would definetly have to purchase the package to get on the website but hopefully you won't as like you say you've already bought it !

I have used up all my Raw Earth products just doing the Spa pedicures now. I think the Creative Spapedicure is lovely but I would prefer to just use the one range and not have to faff about with suppliers. What don't you like about the OPI pedi products ? I haven't tried them yet am going to when rep comes.
its just too much faffing and i dont think you see a result....but thats my opinion!!

The AHA exfoliator is good though.the sugar crystals are wonderful and smell of berrys and strawberrys...hey ive just thought try the "feet" range,ive not used this but my mother swears by this one product when she visits her therapist back home in France...ask your rep:hug:
Yes I will see if I can get a pedicure to off her while im at it ! :green::lol:
I am also a complete works salon and I am NOT in the website, have asked my rep 8 times!!!!! This is my gripe with OPI not fulfilling there promises I've paid!!!!

Also agree not loving the pedi products but LOVE the manicure products. I ma bringing in the Dermalogica pedi.

If you have nay other quesitons pls ask xxx
Well - I have just ordered the OPI trial pedi kit :eek:

Is there any geks out there that do like this pedi stuff from OPI? I hope so as I have tried their manicure kit and think it is lush and just hoped the pedicure kit was as nice.
Well - I have just ordered the OPI trial pedi kit :eek:

Is there any geks out there that do like this pedi stuff from OPI? I hope so as I have tried their manicure kit and think it is lush and just hoped the pedicure kit was as nice.

LMAO I Hope to god its good ! Let me know as you will probably get it before I see rep !

What is it that you don't like about the pedi products bexi ?
i did all my training with OPI so only use their products. i personally love the pedi products, think they smell lovely and make the feet lovely and soft. i am a bit biased as never used anything else though.

someone mentioned the Feet range - i use the callous sotener on myself at night but the products are more for retail than for the pedicure treatments.

i'm not registered with the complete works as dont own a salon and only there a few days a week.

hth - let me know if u have any other questions xxx
I love the OPI pedicure foot range,their massage lotions are lovely with plant extracts for that extra special touch,easily absorbed.I also like their menthol foot mask which a a must in the hot weather.

Both their foot scrub and moisturiser, 'smooth', contain AHA's,the 'smooth is excellent for calluses. Love their cooling foot gel as well.Mmmmm in fact I love all of it:green:

They do some smashing goodies/pks as well,so make sure you pick up some bargains at the show.
I use all the OPI manicure and pedicure products in my salon as well as there enhancements and i love them all. I think the pedicure is a really nice pampering treatment and most importantly my clients love it.:)
In all fairness the OPI pedicure range isnt c**p and I would never ever say that. I just think it could be better. I love the 'soften' part and I always use this in conjunction with heated booties. I dislike the mask, I dont really get it?! Does that make sense? I only have the liquid soak not the crystals, but the crystals look fab, The liquid soak is ok but I'm not a massive fan. I like the massage lotion, its a clever idea being more solid but still liquid and then turning into an oily substance on the skin. I dont really like the moisturiser I find it feels a little tacky?

Its all personal opinon to be honest. The thing is I use EA26 by Dermalogica on hard skin and in my opinon nothing beats this - oooooh execept callus peel which I've just got!!!

I really really wanna try the raw earth pedi by creative but I feel like a traitor!!!!

I must say I bought the pedicure kit in a little carry basket and it was so quaint I fell in love!! The apron I got STUNK though lol!!!

Is that any more help??

Becki xxx
I use the opi pedicure products i love them as do all my clients. They do give lovely results. And they smell fantastic!
I customize my exfoliation by using the aha soften first onto dry skin (can be wrapped in warm towels while it gets to work) then applying straight onto that the sugar scrub then i soak. After ive removed hard skin, i apply 'smooth' so this is instantly slurped into the skin for silky feet! (I prefer applying smooth at this point rather than after the massage) after that i proceed with my massage. I dont use the soak personally, im too greedy with it :lol: x
I was on my way to buy the complete works as always loved OPI polishes and other bits and pieces but when I was at Excel I was so disappointed with the range that I changed my mind and eventually went with Creative mani/pedi.

A couple of things swung it for me but in general I like quite a strong smelling and stimulating pedi range and I'm not a fan of using fruit smells for feet. I also thought their stand at the show was really badly organised and in chaos the 4 times I tried to get to talk to someone:eek:, which gave me bad vibes.

Its a shame really, I should probably try it again because I am looking for a new mani/pedi range.
Thanks guys, I will let you know what I think of the products when rep comes.

Will also ensure if I get the complete works package I WILL be listed on the website ! lol
I have complained many times about the listings on their website. They pick and chose who they want on there like they are doing their customers a favour. I wanted to be listed as a stockist only as I stock virtually their entire polish range but was told "No". However, their big clients like Harrods and Selfridges are listed as stockists.

The customer service we get in the UK from OPI is terrible (but I love the products). In all the years I have been buying from them I have never had as much as a free sample. Even the rep comes in near Christmas with only the new flyer in his hand!
I have more opi stock at my small salon than they have in harrods, I was shocked! x
I have more opi stock at my small salon than they have in harrods, I was shocked! x
Exactly, me too, but it is obviously easier to say "No" to you or me than Harrods.
Do Harrods stock only the laquers ?

I can see the point of having to purchase the complete works to get listed as there is no point listing every salon that has an account if they hardly have any retail.

Do OPI do samples then ?
Its interesting to hear this about OPI, I've heard it before to be honest that the Cust Service is lacking somewhat. I found that myself when trying to even get a brochure from them!!

Do you think your customers would mind a change in supplier? I mean are they all OPI fanatics? Because personally I think good customer service from a supplier means ALOT ie negotiating discounts, getting the odd freebies, support etc If I dont get it, I seriously cant tolerate it. I have to go elsewhere, provided there is an equally good product out there and my clients are well prepared for the change.

There is soo much competition in this industry both from other salons and between distributors that in my view there is no excuse for providing salons with bad customer service. I think alot of these companies survive on their past reputation - but how long will that goodwill last???..not long I hope.

Sorry for the rant, its something that really p*sses me off!! Lazy ar*sed distributors sitting on their laurels expecting business without even making an effort......Grrrrrr.

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