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Apr 23, 2004
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Hi everyone

Please forgive me if this is a ridiculous question, but here goes.

I've got an attitude towards something and I don't know where it comes from and its based on nothing really. Maybe somebody has said something in the past and its stuck, but I don't really understand why. Please tell me what you think and how ridiculous my statement is, if so!

Is using white tips and overlaying with either pink or clear not as good a service as using tips but using pink and white over the top? For some reason I think it is lazy and I cannot understand why!!!

I'm cringing sending this cos I'm sure so many will just laugh at my ridiculous question.

In both instances, it is L&P over tips, so surely they are the same? Am I missing something here? Where on earth does my opinion come from and does it hold any truth?

Bless You :lol:

I feel like it's a bit of a cheat I must admit - but I use it on myself as I can't get a perfect smile line on my right hand with L&P :mad: - so I'd rather cheat and have nails I am happy to show - after all I am supposed to be the best advert for my business!!

I have been known to do pink and white overlay's on my left hand and use white tips on my right hand when I'm having a particularly unco-ordinated day!!! :o

I tend to use white tips more for Fabric# but only on myself for some reason - perhaps I've also picked up the 'it's bad vibe' too :lol: - I use MTW on Clients so deep down I must think it's 'wrong' too!!!!
Hi Shazaar,

I can only speak from experience but white tips can be good for a full set if the person has great side walls to their nails, if not they can look kinda ugly and 'misfitted', I also find that overlaying with clear is ok if but pink is tricky as you need to put enough on zone 1 so you don't get a 'shadowy' patchy effect. Personally I have always found white tips to split easy too. Of course once the backfill is necessary we all still need to know the correct way to perfect smile lines. I do use white tips, but only for certain clients, something I like to use alot it are natural tips, cut out and tailored and applied in the same way as a white tip, it gives a much more subtle effect as some of the white tips can be a bit erm... porn star! :) You need to use a very good quality natural tip for this so has to avoid the 'nicotine' look! I say use whatever you are comfortable using! J x
I have to say they are okay to use occasionally but as was said before, when a rebalance is needed you then have to do a smile line anyway. Also they are no good when you have a nail biter as then the white is too close to the cuticle, so looks really weird.

We all have days when we feel we need a little help now and again, so it doesn't hurt occasionally.:)
Shazzar said:
For some reason I think it is lazy and I cannot understand why!Shaz
Hi shaz - why??? because I KNOW this will have been written somewhere!;) White tips are perfectly acceptable to use at ANY time really (providing the client's nails are in decent nick) BUT we have ALWAYS said that to be PROFFICIENT at your job ie - A NAIL TEK - you should really KNOW how to do white smile lines too - learn to do both and SCULPT - and the world is your 'Dom Perignon' - so-to-speak!!! :D
Thanks everybody for your replies! I feel a lot more 'settled' now!!

Thanks again for all your opinions. They're great and I know a lot of it is down to me and maybe my preferred way of working, but I really do value the opinions of those who know a damn site more than I do at the moment!!

Cheers everybody!

Shaz x
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